Exhibition of the ancient Kurdish heritage in ​​Darbasiya

In order to preserve and revive the Kurdish culture, the Culture and Art Committee in Darbasiya organized an exhibition of heritage and old tools in Khas school in Darbasiyah.

The exhibition, which was organized in Khas school school in Khas town attracted dozens of people, in addition to members of civil institutions in the area.

The exhibition included traditional artifacts of more than 100 years, including hand mill, lighting tools, old iron, ancient food tools, old carpets and other ancient heritage items. The exhibition also included a number of handicrafts such as woolen garments and folkloric uniforms.

During the exhibition, a speech was given on behalf of Ganamiya town council by Bayan Maish, who explained that the purpose of the exhibition is to revive the Kurdish heritage and prevent it from being lost as well as introducing it to the new generation.

"Over the years, the Turkish occupation state aimed at trying to erase the Kurdish culture in many ways and forms, but by preserving our culture and heritage, we preserve the identity of the Kurdish people," said Afaf Hasaki, head of the Culture and Art Committee.

The exhibition ended with a number of songs by Zilan band of the Center of Culture and Art in the district of Darbasiya.


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