Executive Council denounces international silence over Afrin

On the second anniversary of the occupation of Afrin, the Executive Council of the Democratic Autonomous  Administration, Al Jazeera region condemned "international silence over the policies and violations of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries on our regions", and called on "the international community to take a serious stand against these violations, "We call for an end to the occupation and to get out of our occupied territories."

A statement issued by the Executive Council said.

"March 18 marks the second anniversary of Turkey's occupation and its mercenaries for Afrin in a campaign called " Olive Branch,"

 It has mobilized thousands of its soldiers with its terrorist factions and all kinds of weapons and advanced technology to start its aggression on January 20, 2018 with all its strength and brutality.  It was confronted  with great resistance from the people of Afrin and their children from the YPG and YPJ units for 58 days. They underlined the finest epics with their heroic resistance, which exceeded all expectations.

This occurred at a time when Afrin had received nearly 500,000 displaced Syrians under the Democratic Autonomous Administration which was  announced in 2014 and Women played role in the society in all fields and aspects of life.

The occupation of Afrin is cutting a part of the Syrian geography and society to change the historical and social identity of the inhabitants of the occupied territories.

Today, two years after the occupation, they continue to carry out daily the most horrible violations against our people in Afrin from killing, abducting, looting and stealing its ruins, burning nature and the trees.

All this happens amid the international and regional silence and a clear violation of all international covenants. At the same time the continued ambitions of the Turkish occupier in Serê kaniyê and Girê Spî to change the demographics in these areas and housing the terrorists of ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra.

Our people in Afrin and forcibly displaced to the areas of Al-Shahba and other areas continue to resist in the camps. They have not given up hope of returning to their homes. The resistance is still going on in Afrin until its liberation.


We are in the Executive Council of Al Jazeera region at the time that this painful occasion passes by, remembering all the martyrs of the resistance of the times, and we salute our resistance people on the borders of Afrin.


While condemning the international silence and violations of the Turkish occupation and its focus on our regions. At the same time, we appeal to the international community to take a serious stand against these violations and to call for an end to the occupation and to get out of our occupied territories.

"We are committed to increasing the pace of action till victory and the liberation of our occupied territories and the safe return of our people to their homes."




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