Excerpts from March 8 celebrations in al-Shahba

During their International Day, the women of Afrin and al-Shahba sent a message of steadfastness and determination to the resistance. They pledged to liberate Afrin from the Turkish occupation and free the leader of the Kurdish people Abdullah Ocalan.


The women of Afrin and al-Shahba participated in the celebration of March 8th, as they stood in one row and in one voice against the Turkish occupation in Afrin and al-Shahba, condemning Turkey's immoral practices against women.

Thousands of Afrin and al-Shaba women who displaced from their areas went to the streets and raised their voices and confirmed to escalate the resistance and steadfastness until defeating the Turkish occupation in Afrin.

They also made sure to wear Afrin and Kurdish folklore uniforms in order to preserve their heritage and culture in response to the deliberate aggression of the Turkish aggression to obliterate and destroy the culture of societies after the occupation of Afrin.

On the other hand, the presence and participation of al-Shahba women was remarkable. After liberating them and receiving extensive intellectual training, they were able to get out of the community complex and get rid of ideas that encouraged the eradication of the role of women and allocated them between the house and men.

The women of al-Shahba participated in the celebration of International Women's Day, Hawar News Agency observed the views of women participating in the march and prepared this report.



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