​​​​​​​Evîn Paşo: Ocalan's proposals are only way to solve Middle East conflicts

​​​​​​​Evîn Paşo has explained that all the problems of the Middle East and conflicts will only solve if we depended on the thought and proposals' Ocalan, she said, "The political perspective that has been proposed by the leader Ocalan is the major reason to impose an intensive isolation on him in trying to eradicate his ideology.

Turkish state has been imposing an intensive isolation on the leader Abdullah Ocalan since 1999, its aim to eradicate of the Kurdish people and Democratic thought and to diminish from the crisis and conflicts that the area is going through.

A member of the Kongra Star's coordination in al-Hasakah canton," Evîn Paşo, said during an interview held by Hawar news agency (ANHA), talked about "The people in the north and east of Syria, like the rest of the world, struggle against all obstacles and problems that hinder their access to freedom.

Turkish's attempts failed, the leader has ways to solve problems

Evîn Paşo pointed out that the components in the regions of northern and eastern Syria coexist on the principle of brotherhood of peoples and equality between all components, which was mentioned by the leader Abdullah Ocalan in his five volumes, adding to "the attempts of the Turkish state to eliminate the thought and philosophy of the leader in the region had been failed."

She noted that the reason for the isolation imposed on the leader is the fear of the Turkish state of the capabilities and ideas of the leader in finding solutions to problems in the Middle East in general and Turkey and Syria in particular. and she added, "The Turkish state is working for the Middle East to be the focus of conflict and fighting in order to achieve its goals in reviving the Ottoman state again."

And pointed out that the leader Abdullah Ocalan has ways to solve all the crises and disputes that are occurring in the region and the Middle East, especially the problems that occur between religions, components and nationalities, and continued by saying, "Foreign countries do not want the interests of the people in the Middle East, but rather It interferes for the sake of its interests. "

Ways to solve crises in the Middle East

She continued, in her talk to ANHA, pointed out that the solution to the Middle East crises is "building democratic nation's project" that the leader talked about in his volumes, "which will be a solution to all the issues and obstacles that geography of the Middle East is going through."

Evîn Paşo affirmed that what the Middle East is going through are "artificial problems" by foreign countries, as they interfere in the affairs of the region in order to control it, and continued "and to solve these problems on all components and religions that live in the region, union and coexistence."

The political perspective of leader Ocalan is one of the reasons for imposing isolation on him

She said "that the political perspective put forward by leader Abdullah Ocalan to solve the problems of the Middle East is one of the reasons for imposing strict isolation on him and trying to eliminate his idea and philosophy.

And concluded her speech," The women of northern and eastern Syria and all parts of Kurdistan are confident of their will that the leader has granted them, "We will resist and rise up against aggression until the walls of Imarli prison are broken and the leader is released."



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