Evîn Başo: Leyla Guven's resistance represents Newroz resistance

Evîn Başo pointed out that Leyla Guven's resistance to break the isolation on the Kurdish people's leader represents the new spirit of Newroz resistance festival, Kawa al-Asr and Mazlom Dogan.


After the Official of the Diplomatic Relations Committee of the Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM) Aldar Khalil delivered his speech, the feast of Newroz of al-Hasaka continues with a speech on behalf of the Conference Coordination which was delivered by Evîn Başo.

All the components of al-Hasakah, Kurds, Arabs and Syriacs have participated in the celebration with their folkloric costume in addition to holding banners with "The people that carry Newroz torch are the peoples of peace and freedom and do not nod to injustice and slavery. In the spirit of the martyr Zelkaf, we will escalate the struggle and liberate the leader" written on.

Evîn noted, "The forces that seek to spread tyranny and persecution against the peoples are afraid of the revival of Newroz, so they forcibly put away their people from celebrating this occasion, as well as their fear of the resistance shown by the peoples against their practices. Among those peoples that celebrate Newroz Day in the spirit of resistance and struggle are the Kurdish people, so in the person of Kawa al-Hadad, Newroz is revived."

Evîn Başo said that the MP Leyla Guven's resistance and her continuation of the hunger strike, condemning the isolation of the Kurdish people's leader, Abdullah Ocalan, represents the new spirit of the resistance of Newroz Day and Kawa al-Asr.

Evîn noted, "The Syrian Democratic Forces and the People's and Women's Protection Units which fought the most powerful terrorist organization on behalf of the world were close to the liberation of al-Baguz, the last pocket of IS' mercenaries who are holed up there."

And she concluded her speech saying, "In the spirit of Newroz, the will of free women, the peoples' fraternity and the Resistance of the Age, the isolation of Imrali's isolation will be shattered."



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