Everyone should be careful about the Turkish occupation


The SDF seeks to block the way to any Turkish occupation of northern and eastern Syria through diplomatic talks and efforts. These talks and endeavors with Turkey continue through the United States. The Turkish occupation of the region appears to be inconsistent with US interests in the region. It will abort the gains and victories which had been achieved in the struggle against ISIS mercenaries and lead to further chaos in Syria. Turkey is not interested in establishing peace and stability in Syria, but what is important for them is the elimination of the Kurds, in particular, it seeks to ignite an internal civil war between the Kurds and the Arabs, so it has worked to organize all mercenary gangs composed of Arab elements under the name of the Free Syrian Army. Most of these mercenary groups came from ISIS and Jabhat al-Nusra, Russia drew the attention of the Turkish occupation to areas east of the Euphrates, but with the US entering this scheme did not work. When the United States agreed with Turkey, and the occupation project was halted, Russia and the Damascus administration began stepping up military operations in Idlib. As for Turkey, it has intensified its support and logistical assistance to Jabhat al-Nusra. In order to limit these Turkish efforts and stop them, Russia has bombed deliberately of the Turkish aid convoy.

Turkey is now in a critical position, and Erdogan will once again be forced to take the Moscow trail, going to under Putin's feet. Putin in turn understood the game well, and uses the Kurdish card well against Erdogan. At the very least, the SDF has so far been able to counter Turkey's attempts to occupy Syrian territory. This was achieved through diplomatic efforts, political ideas and mediation by the United States of America. If Turkey enters east of the Euphrates, the Syrian crisis will enter a new and irreversible phase. Because Turkey does not come out of the places it occupies. It deploys its mercenary gangs in those areas in an effort to extend the control and influence of the Muslim Brotherhood. In this way it seeks to find a ground for ending Bashar al-Assad's rule.

The SDF succeeded when it blocked Turkey's path and prevented the realization of this dangerous map even for a while. The regime must recognize the truth and value of this victory. Instead of dragging Kurds and Arabs into the Turkish ethnic and racial game, they should be united against them and work to get Turkey out of Syrian territory. On the other hand, this will contribute to highlighting the great energy of the Syrian people, because this union will not be a forced union. It will be on the basis of democracy, and it will become a role model in the Middle East. The cultural richness of peoples united on the foundations of freedom will open the doors to a new world. If al- Assad regime were to recapture Idlib, it would be an important victory for Syria's unity. If any understanding in Syria with the forces of northern Syria is achieved under a democratic constitution, it will strengthen Syria's unified position more than ever...Therefore, it is important to give up Damascus administration from the traditional and centralized mentality.

If he claims that he is strong and that he has controlled Idlib and will return everything to the roots of the Syrian lap, he will face new crises that will sink him. Syria has entered unknown balances, so more cautious and vigilant positions must be taken. It was clear that Russia and Iran remained silent when Turkey threatened to occupy northern Syria. These two states are on Syrian territory, and they always claim to defend the territorial integrity of Syria. But when Turkey occupied Syrian territory, did it serve the territorial integrity of Syria? These two countries did not even denounce the Turkish state and did not deter it from entering Syrian territory. Interestingly, when the forces of northern Syria, in cooperation with the United States, managed to stave off Turkish aggression and occupation, Iran spared no effort and immediately stated that it rejected and did not recognize this agreement, of course, it is well known that the Turkish state is not interested in abiding by these agreements, and if given the opportunity, it will not hesitate to attack northern Syria again.

Indeed, these forces can exploit the Russian and Iranian influence on Damascus to urge them to recognize of the Autonomous Administration and promote internal peace and stability.

So far there are no initiatives worth mentioning, so far there has been no progress in this area, the Damascus administration does not recognize of the Autonomous Administration.

If democratic unity is to be achieved, it will achieve the unity of Syria. This would be in the interest of the people of Syria to rule their own affairs. The reasons for the staying of foreign powers in Syria would be eliminated. It is important to achieve the unity of the Syrian people for the future of Syria, and to do so requires all forces to act responsibly.

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