Events of political, intellectuals' parties in Kobani forum initiated 

The events of the first Political Forum were launched in Kobani with the participation of a number of Kurdish political parties and intellectuals under the slogan "With our Unity only we Achieve Freedom and Self-Determination."

The forum came after an invitation by the Union of Intellectuals in the Kobani canton to political parties and national and independent personalities, in the context of attempts to reach a Kurdish political reference structure that represents Kurdish positions in international forums, in light of the Turkish aggression against Rojava.

Kurdish political parties such as the Kurdish Left Party in Syria, PÇKS, PYD, Kurdish Democratic Unity Party in Syria, PYDKS, Kurdish Democratic Party in Syria, PDKS, and the Kurdish Democratic Progressive Party in Syria (PDPKS) responded to the call of the Union of Intellectuals in Kobani.

In addition to the political parties, many of the canton's national and independent personalities attended the forum, which is being held in the "Roni War" park in the center of Kobani.

In the opening speech of political researcher Masoud Muhammad, the parties to the conflict in Syria and Turkey have been fighting military and political battles for years, but they have concluded agreements that include waging war on the Kurds wherever they are found, and their views are united in that, as well as in Iran and Iraq.

He added, "Partisan divisions were a scourge for the Kurdish people, so the only solution to get out of the crisis is the unity of the Kurdish row and reading the massacres rationally against the Kurds and the lack of tolerance and tolerance in this, because the enemies of the Kurdish people lack humanity."

Some of the paintings written it the slogans of "Our Kurdistan, our country, Kurdish, our language, Zoroastrianism, our history, and Yazdis are our soul," hung from "the resistance of Hewler Castle to Kobani, the Resistance Castle. We will remain in the Covenant until the Liberation of Kurdistan."

The forum it is supposed to be continued until Thursday, Thursday, to discuss a number of social, economic and political issues.



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