Events of first conference of al-Tabqa women initiated

A while ago, Under the slogan "With Women's Struggle for Freedom, the Struggle of Human Freedom", the events of the first conference in al-Tabqa area was launched in the presence of hundreds of al-Tabqa delegations from cities and regions of north and east of Syria.


The Conference which is being held at the Academy of Martyr Khaled Alawi in attendance Hundreds of women form al-Tabqa, delegations from women's organizations and movements from different cities and regions of north and east Syria, the Executive Body's Head of the Democratic Syria Council, Elham Ahmed, and the spokeswoman of the Syrian Women's Council Lina Barakat .

The conference was held under the slogan " With Women's Struggle for Freedom, the Struggle of Human Freedom", by choosing the conference administration, and with holding of minute of silence. Then a speech was delivered by Martyrs' Families Council Amina Abdul Razak where she welcomed the audience and praised the pioneering role played by women in areas recently liberated from IS' mercenaries.

A number of speeches will be delivered by the attendees, including the Autonomous Administration in North and East Syria, the speech of the Democratic Civil Administration of al-Tabqa area, the speech of the Syrian Women's Council, a speech for the Women's Administration in al-Tabqa.

It is worth mentioning that this Conference is the first of the women of al-Tabqa after liberating the city from IS' mercenaries.



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