European Union warns of any Turkish attack on northern, eastern Syria

Reuters reported that the European Union warned of any Turkish attack against the areas of northern and eastern Syria, after America's surprise decision to withdraw its troops from the region.

"In light of the statement by Turkey and the United States on the development of the situation, we can confirm that, recognizing Turkey's legitimate concerns, the EU said from the outset that any sustainable situation would not be reached by military means," an EU spokeswoman told in a news conference.

A parliamentarian from the Democratic People's Party (HDP) had earlier told our agency that Turkey could buy Europe's silence against an attack on northern and eastern Syria.

In a related context, Russian presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov claimed that Putin "did not discuss" with Erdogan "Turkey's plans" to attack northern and eastern Syria, and said that "the Kremlin hopes Turkey's commitment to the principle of the territorial integrity of Syria."

But the language of the Turkish threat escalated after the Ankara summit between Russia, Iran and Turkey on September 16.

As for the Kremlin's position on Ankara's plans for an attack on northern and eastern Syria, Peskov said: "First of all, it is necessary to adhere to Syria's territorial and political unity, and that the territorial integrity of Syria is the starting point in efforts to find a Syrian settlement, and in all other matters."

"In this case, it is important to refrain from any actions that might create obstacles to a Syrian settlement. Now that the Constitutional Committee has been formed, it is necessary to refrain from "any steps that could affect the stability in Syria."



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