​​​​​​​European Union recommends preparation of a list to punish Turkey

Head of EU Foreign Policy, Josep Borrell, announced on Monday that EU foreign ministers have recommended a list of sanctions against Turkey and defining the names of officials and entities.

Burrell said EU welcomed establishing a European maritime force to support  navigation freedom in Hormuz Strait.

On Monday, the European Union warned Turkey against any illegal hydrocarbon exploration operations in the eastern Mediterranean, particularly in Cyprus waters, ahead of an international conference in Berlin to establish  peace in Libya.

"All members of the international community should refrain from any action that may affect regional stability and security," Josep Burrell said in a statement published on Saturday.

"Turkey's intention to launch new hydrocarbon exploration activities throughout the region, unfortunately, is going in the opposite direction," he added

The EU announced that it would impose specific sanctions on "people or entities responsible for unlicensed hydrocarbon exploration activities in the Eastern Mediterranean or those involved in such activities."

A list of names that may be put on the table at a meeting of European foreign ministers on Monday in Brussels.

The sanctions would be in the form of a ban on entry into EU territory, a freeze on assets, and a ban on lending money to peoples and entities listed on the list.


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