European Union punishes Ankara; ISIS develops their skills in terrorist operations

The European Union has announced sanctions against Turkey for its illegal excavations inside Cyprus' territorial waters, and Daesh mercenaries have begun by using new tricks to continue their terrorist acts.

On Tuesday morning, the International newspapers touched upon the EU 's imposition of sanctions on Turkey, and trying Daesh mercenaries to develop of their terrorist operations.

The European Union agrees to impose sanctions on Turkey

The European Union, according to the Miami-Herald newspaper, to impose sanctions against Turkey against the background of illegal excavations carried out within the territorial waters of Cyprus.

The EU has decided to suspend negotiations with Ankara on a comprehensive air transport agreement, and not hold meetings with Turkey on the partnership, as well as high-level meetings between the two sides at present.

EU foreign ministers also agreed on a European Commission proposal to cut European aid to Turkey earmarked for 2030 and call on the EIB to review lending to Turkey.

The European communique said at the conclusion of the meeting of foreign ministers that it would remain under close consideration and follow-up of the file and developments, and that both the European Commission and the foreign policy coordinator should continue to work on targeted measures in light of ongoing exploration activities in Cypriot territorial waters.

An Iraqi asylum seeker is accused of blowing up a car in London on New Year's Eve

The British Independent newspaper reported a supporter of Daesh who tried to invent a car without a driver, the last terrorist planning an attack on the United Kingdom after failing to join the Daesh abroad.

British security services have been criticized for allowing at least 900 men, women and children to leave for Syria and Iraq since 2014.

But the case of Farhad Salah is the latest conspiracy that shows a dangerous trend for potential foreign fighters seeking to launch attacks in the UK.

Prosecutors said the Iraqi citizen who is at 24 years wanted to fight in Syria and became "frustrated" for not being able to leave the UK.

Salah has collected propaganda videos of Daesh showing "torture" and execution, as well as evidence to enable him to manufacture and test homemade explosives.



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