European Parliament considers resolution to sanction Turkey

The European Parliament is studying a draft resolution in which the parliamentarians call on the European summit to be held next December in order to impose sanctions on Turkey immediately.

In the draft resolution, a copy of which Al Arabiya Network reported, the parliament condemns the reopening of part of Varosha area by the Turkish Cypriots.

The European Parliament calls on European leaders to maintain the unified position against Turkey's unilateral and illegal actions, and at the same time to consider imposing sanctions against specific actors.

The resolution warns of "creating a new reality in the field that undermines confidence and threatens the prospects for a comprehensive solution to the Cyprus problem, as it deepens the gap between the two parties and reinforces the division of the island."

In its decision, the parliament calls on Turkey to withdraw its forces from Cyprus and return "Varosha" to its population under the supervision of the United Nations and its temporary administration of the region.

The European Parliament affirmed the EU as a whole adheres to finding a comprehensive solution to the Cyprus problem on the basis of a federal state with two nationalities and two regions, rejecting Turkey's attempts to divide the island.

In the same context, the resolution calls for the resumption of negotiations to unify the island, supervised by the United Nations, from where it left off in 2017.

The Commissioner for External Relations of the European Union Joseph Borrell said: "The European Union hopes for a change in Turkey's position before the European summit on December 10," adding that "European leaders will decide to respond to Turkey's actions at the summit.


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