European Left Party conference declares its solidarity with the Kurdish people

During its regular conference in Vienna, the European Left Party called on all participants to support the Kurdish people and their struggle, while Maurizio Acerbo, spokesman for the Communist Party for the Reconstruction of Italy, raised the flag of the PKK and demanded that the name of the PKK be removed from the list of "terrorism" and that leader Ocalan be released. Immediately.

Between December 9th and 11, the European Left Party held its seventh regular conference in the Austrian capital, Vienna. 26 political parties and members from many European countries participated, in addition to 21 observer parties and many parties, movements, and guests from the Middle East, North Africa, and America, Latin and Asia, in this conference, the spokeswoman for foreign relations of the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP), Falaknas Oja, representatives of the Kurdish Democratic Culture Union and the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK) also participated in the conference, according to Furat news agency.

Spokespersons for the Kurdish Community in Austria (FEYKOM) for Foreign Affairs, Mustafa Diligeh and Lorraine Shahan, spoke at the conference, and noted that “the experience of democratic confederation implemented by the Kurdish freedom movement in the Middle East, especially in Rojava, is very important, and there is an urgent need to support this great experience.

The parliamentarian for the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP), Falaknas Oja, stated that they are the leading party in the march of the struggle against the war in Turkey, and indicated that the HDP will continue its democratic resistance against the authority of the coalition of the Justice and Development Party and the National Movement (AKP-MHP) to the support and assistance of the Peoples' Democratic Party, as the verdict will be issued in the case of its closure in the coming months.

Sinan Ulan spoke on behalf of the Kurdistan National Congress (KNK), and called on everyone to show solidarity with the revolution in NE, Syria against the attacks and occupation attempts. During his speech, he highlighted the importance of the democratic experience in the region, and stressed that the Kurdish issue can only be resolved with the freedom of leader Abdullah Ocalan and interviews with him.

The Austrian Communist Party, the Finnish Left Party, and the Communist parties in France and Italy condemned the agreement concluded between Turkey and Sweden on NATO membership. They also strongly condemned the deportation of Kurdish political refugees from the country, and noted that the left must make greater efforts and act in this matter.

Moreover, a proposal was made to support the Kurdish people in the draft resolutions, as the proposal was submitted by the Greek Syriza party and the Communist Party for the Reconstruction of Italy, and it was accepted by all the delegates participating in the conference, and support for the struggle of the Kurdish people appeared, who struggle to determine their right In self-determination, in the draft, they emphasized that they would stand in solidarity with the HDP-led struggle against Erdogan's regime.

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