Europe issues a warning to Turkey about its behavior in the eastern Mediterranean

On Tuesday, European Council President Charles Michel issued a warning to Turkey about its behavior in the eastern Mediterranean.

Michel said that all options are on the table to defend the interests of the bloc if Turkey does not take a "constructive" approach to resolving the current conflicts in the eastern Mediterranean.

Charles Michel added that the scheduled summit of European Union presidents and governments, next Thursday and Friday, in Brussels, will be devoted exclusively to discussing relations with Turkey and the situation in the eastern Mediterranean.

Michel indicated that the goal is to create a space for constructive dialogue with Ankara to achieve stability and security in the entire region, in addition to full respect for the sovereignty and sovereign rights of all member states, referring to Greece and Cyprus.

The dispute escalated on August 10, when Turkey sent a ship to explore natural gas and warships to waters contested by Greece, and the tension culminated in late August, when the two countries held parallel military exercises.



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