Euphrates region lawyers: Turkish attack condemned in all international conventions

The Lawyers Union in the Euphrates region called on the Civil Society Organizations and actors on the ground to expose the criminal, terrorist and genocide acts against the people in northern and eastern Syria, in a statement.

The Lawyers Association in the Euphrates region issued a written statement regarding the Turkish invasion of areas in northern and eastern Syria and the accompanying violations against the people of the region.

The statement a copy of which obtained by our agency included:

“Since October 9, the northern and eastern regions of Syria have been being subjected to a barbaric attack by the ruling junta in Turkey with the alliance of the armed gangs; the remains of the terrorist organization of Daesh. They have blatantly attacked the properties and homes of unarmed civilians and killed them in a brutal and denounced manner in all the international charters in addition to the organized genocide against the people with the aim of emptying the region of its people, bringing about demographic change and housing gangs and armed groups instead of them to undermine the stability and peace of the people.

Even the medical teams evacuating the wounded from the battle zone were not spared, as the American medical team was targeted, one was martyred and another got wounded.

As well as the occasional attack on the international road (M4) and the killing of civilians passing by identity in addition to the martyrdom of the struggler Hevrin, the Secretary-General of the Future Syria Party was a striking example.

We call upon all civil society organizations and actors on the ground to expose the criminal and terrorist acts and genocide against the people in northern and eastern Syria, which are part of a sovereign state, and we condemn the return of ISIS in a new attire and stand against aggression.”


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