EU slams Turkey's provocative policy

The European Union criticized Turkey's provocative policy, while the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Union Josep Borrell condemned the Turkish President's statements against his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron, saying that they were unacceptable.

"Erdogan's statements against President Macron are unacceptable," Borrell tweeted. "I call on Turkey to stop this spiral of the dangerous confrontation."

Simultaneously, Greek Foreign Minister Nikos Dendias confirmed in a speech before Parliament, according to what the Greek news agency reported, that his country does not tolerate perverted allegations or threats of war, and considered that Turkey is heading towards the neo-Ottomanism, adding that his country does not comply with unilateral steps.

In addition, he stressed that Greece will defend its sovereign rights by all means. "We are moving towards expanding the territorial waters with the delineation of the continental shelf and the exclusive economic zone through sincere agreements that we sign with all our neighbors, except for Turkey, which refuses to sit at the negotiating table," he added.

This Greek speech came after Turkey announced earlier today that it decided to extend the period of the survey operations it is conducting in a disputed area in the eastern Mediterranean until the fourth of next November.

It is noteworthy that Turkey and Greece, two members of NATO, are at odds over the extent of each other's continental shelf, as well as overlapping demands for entitlement to oil and gas resources in the eastern Mediterranean.



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