Esper: Turkey is not a reliable partner

US Defense Secretary Mark Esper stressed that Turkey is currently following a political approach that does not match the approach of the United States, considering that it is no longer a reliable partner by Washington.

In a statement he made at the Council on Foreign Relations in New York, US Defense Secretary Mark Thomas Esper said that Turkey is currently following a political approach that does not match the approach of the United States.

 And Esper warned of the role of Russia and China in the coming period in the international arena.

 In response to a question about partnership with Ankara, and if Washington considers it a reliable partner, Esper said on Friday that Turkey's actions are not the actions of a reliable partner, as it is moving in a different direction to the United States.

He explained, "They put obstacles in the way of planning in the framework of NATO, and interfered in Syria, which I do not consider useful."

On the other hand, the US Secretary of Defense defended the increase in military spending claimed by President Donald Trump, US allies, stressing that NATO cannot bear the costs of the parasitic countries.

"Most countries consider the United States as the best partner for global security, not only because of the superiority of our military capabilities and equipment, but also because of the values ​​we defend," he told the National Security Experts at the Council on Foreign Relations.

To that, he added, "The United States spends 3.5% of its GDP to defend it and its allies and partners, while many countries spend much less than 1% on defense.

"We have asked our European partners for years and decades to contribute more to the alliance, but they have not."

Esper said that the United States considers both Russia and China as major adversaries and that Washington is concerned about their growing capabilities in the space field.

He added: "We have entered a new era of competition from the major powers, China first, and Russia second, and that has become a top priority for the Ministry of Defense."

"China is expanding economic ties across Asia, while Russia is trying to undermine NATO cohesion," he said.



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