Esper: SDF is our partners, we contine our tasks in Syria

​​​​​​​The US Secretary of Defense, Mark Thomas Esper, confirmed that his countrys  forces in Syria are working in  coordination with the SDF and that continuing its mission in Syria is to ensure the end defeat of ISIS mercenaries, and he warned against the consequences of Turkey acts in Syria.

Esber confirmed In a meeting with   the US House of Representatives about  the security situation in Syria and the Middle East that the US strategy in this region seek to ensure that it is not a safe area for terrorists, and that no  forces against the united states  will control it.

And Esper continuing said that The United States  achieved great success alongside our partner forces in Syria and Iraq to destroy the alleged caliphate of ISIS, including our successful operation that led to the final  of ISIS founder and its leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdady, and the Defense Department remains committed to work with our partners to ensure unable the organization to get up again

  and Esper refered  that The American forces are still stationed in Syria, and they are working with coordination with the SDF, and although the last Turkish incursion led to  complicate this issue, the Ministry of Defense is still confident that we are able to continue this mission,  To ensure the permanent defeat of ISIS, we maintain our leader role in the campaign against ISIS, which includes 76 countries and 5 international organizations, in terms of providing funding, military capabilities, and political support in order to elimnte  ISIS.

The Minister of Defense also determined  the goals that his ministry seeks to achieve in the region, is "strengthen the US military presence to deter the aggression if necessary, strengthen the defense capabilities of regional partners, and sharing burdens with allies to teat common security fears.

The US ministry of Defense warned against the damages of Turkeys actions in NE, Syria and said that Ankaras plan to transfer refugees to areas previously controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces SDF may  increase instability in those areas.

The US Secretary of Defense warned against the consequences of Turkey's actions in northern and eastern Syria and said that Ankara's plan to transfer refugees to areas previously controlled by the Syrian Democratic Forces could increase instability in  areas.



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