Erdogan's visit signaled full compliance with Moscow's conditions

Erdogan's visit to Russia expressed Ankara's full compliance with the conditions Moscow puts in running its military battles in Syria, and focused on Turkey's concern over the fate of its checkpoints in Idlib, despite the two countries' media's focus on increasing Russian armaments to Turkey intended to send messages to Washington.

On Wednesday morning, Arab press touched upon the results of the Russian and Turkish presidents' meeting yesterday, in addition to the Turkish affairs and other files.

Al-Arab: Erdogan seeks help Putin to protect Turkish soldiers in Syria

In this context, Al-Arab newspaper said, "Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan appealed to his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin to protect Turkish troops in eastern Syria with the escalation of clashes in Idlib."

It quoted a senior Turkish official as saying that Erdogan asked Putin to take steps to ensure the safety of Turkish soldiers in the face of an attack by the Syrian regime army in northwestern Syria.

"Although the media in both countries focus on the content of increasing Russian armaments to Turkey during the meeting, Erdogan's one-day visit to Moscow reveals Ankara's concern over the fate of its troops who are stationed in Idlib and the northern countryside of Hama.

The Turkish president's visit to Russia expressed Ankara's full submission to the conditions set by the Russian leadership in the management of military battles in Syria.

Observers noted the absence of any Turkish position to insult criticism of Russia for the humiliation inflicted on the Turkish army, either by targeting a Turkish army convoy in northern Syria by Syrian and Russian bombers, or by besieging regime forces at the Turkish observation point in Mork.

Western diplomatic sources said that Erdogan wanted from his visit to Moscow to assure the Americans and Europeans of his continued push towards Russia at the expense of his relations with Washington and its allies and NATO.

Russia offered the Turkish president its stealth fighter Su-57, when Putin answered yes to Erdogan's question about the possibility of buying it.

A Turkish official told Reuters that the security of Turkish soldiers in Syria was one of the main topics of discussion between Erdogan and Putin.

Observers pointed out that the atmosphere accompanying the Turkish delegation to Russia reveals Turkey's tendency to call on Moscow to intervene to protect its soldiers in the region and not to reconsider the partnership imposed by the Sochi and Astana agreements, especially those related to the De-escalation zone in Idlib.

"Undoubtedly, Idlib has complicated relations between Russia and Turkey, because their interests are different," said Alexander Shomelin, a researcher at the Center for Middle East Conflict Analysis in Moscow.

Turkish opposition groups have noted that Erdogan maintains a conciliatory speech with the Russian president in return for continuing to make populist speeches that wink from the US channel and question its intentions to implement the recent agreement on the eastern Euphrates.

Strategic military experts say that recent military developments have made it clear that the east of the Euphrates region is a priority for Erdogan, and that defending Turkey from the threat of “terrorism” posed by a Kurdish entity on Turkey's borders is easily promoted to Turkish public opinion and not criticized by opposition currents. Turkish. "

"The ongoing Turkish threat of a military operation in the east of the Euphrates and Turkey's lack of military action to stop the progress of the Syrian regime forces west of the Euphrates, clearly reveal Erdogan's priorities in this regard, especially since his position in Syria is no longer popular, and was a substance used by the Turkish opposition effectively to strengthen its arguments for defeating Erdogan and the AKP in the recent local elections. "

Al-Sharq al-Awsat: Rouhani requires lifting sanctions to meet Trump

As for Iran, Al-Sharq al-Awsat newspaper said, "Iran stipulated yesterday the lifting of US sanctions and the return of Washington to the nuclear agreement to arrange a meeting between its President Hassan Rouhani and US President Donald Trump."

"This development came a day after French President Emmanuel Macron announced during a press conference with his US counterpart at the G-7 summit that" conditions exist "for a meeting between Trump and Rouhani, but said that things are very fragile. Trump also expressed his willingness to meet Rouhani if ​​available. Appropriate conditions. "

Al-Arab: The image of the Turkish unsafe destination takes root in the Saudis

Turkey, Al- Arab newspaper said, “Saudi circles do not expect the happy end of the kidnapping of a Saudi citizen in Istanbul to change much in the emerging view of the Saudis to Turkey as an unsafe destination for tourism, trade and investment, a view not only enshrined by the multiplicity of security incidents in the cities. But it has also been devoted to the systematic political and media targeting of the kingdom and its leadership by the government of the Justice and Development Party led by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.








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