Erdogan’s support to terrorism pursues him; political situation in Lebanon and Iraq is complicated

The talk about Erdogan's support for terrorism and his contribution to war crimes has increased amid calls for his trial, while the Russian-American movement on Syria, while the Iraqi and Lebanese demonstrations continue amid the complexity of the political situation in the two countries.

During the past week, the Arab press touched on the developments of the Syrian file and its international entanglements, in addition to the Iraqi and Lebanese demonstrations.

Al-Arab: Testimonies: Erdogan is the other face of ISIS... Will the international community be tried?

Last week, Arab newspapers publishing about Syria have dealt with a number of topics, most notably Turkey's relationship with ISIS. In this context, Al-Arab newspaper said, “Official figures indicate that the SDF maintains at least 12,000 ISIS detainees. "More than 45 of those who have all acknowledged the Turkish state's close relationship with the terrorist organization ISIS. After that, I published the details of these interviews in various media."

In fact, it was the operation “Al-Jazeera Tempest” the SDF launched in May 1, 2018 against the Islamic State terrorist organization in Deir ez-Zor that effectively ended Baghdadi's dream of establishing its alleged caliphate.

With the succession of SDF strikes against ISIS operatives, Turkey was the lifeblood of this terrorist organization, and the relationship between Turkey and ISIS has not deteriorated during the current stage as well, but has grown very close. This is also confirmed by its cooperation with the national army, which consists primarily of the remains of ISIS operatives.

On the other hand, dozens of pictures and pieces of news, which are still circulated by the Kurdish media, to date, document the strength of the relationship between Turkey and the elements of the terrorist organization, so that these news sites became known to the world public opinion more than ever. The question that keeps posing itself: Will the international community tolerate Recep Tayyip Erdogan over these irrefutable facts, or will he be prosecuted as the front of the terrorist organization on the world?

Okaz: Putin decides the war on Idlib... And Assad begins implementation

With regard to the Russian movement on Syria, Okaz newspaper said, "reliable sources revealed that Russian President Vladimir Putin took the decision to fight the terrorist organizations in Idlib, headed by HTS (al-Nusra Front - al-Qaeda), classified as a terrorist group, while Bashar al-Assad received orders to start the battle on Idlib soon.

The sources said that the Turkish and Russian sides reached a real settlement of the situation in the north, means that Syria starts the battle of Idlib by pushing the Syrian army to start the operation, pointing out that Assad's visit to Idlib and his talk about the liberation of the city finally came after Putin's decision to return Idlib to the control of the Syrian regime. Asad wanted to show that he made the decision through the field visit and the meeting of military leaders.

Al-Arab: Additional US bases in eastern Syria in sight of "powerless" Russia

Al-Arab newspaper, in turn, followed the American moves and said, "The behavior of the United States in northern and eastern Syria is uncertain. After announcing the withdrawal of its troops from the region while keeping a few soldiers, it has retreated in some parts, especially those close to the sources of Syrian oil, as it constructs additional military bases."

The newspaper added, "The United States' walk raises questions as to whether the aim of talking about withdrawal and then retreat and focus on Syrian oil is to confuse the other parties, namely Russia, Turkey and Iran, and to re-shuffle the cards, especially after the Sochi agreement, or is it merely an American confusion caused by the absence of a clear strategy to deal with the Syrian issue, with voices from within the Congress saying that limiting the US presence in the control of the oil fields calls into question US motives on Syria.

Asharq Al-Awsat: Dead in Baghdad after first friction of protesters in Iran

On the Iraqi issue, Asharq Al-Awsat newspaper said, "The day after a bloody night in Karbala witnessed the first friction of the Iraqi protesters in Iran, Iraqi forces used live bullets against demonstrators in Baghdad, while widening the civil disobedience that paralyzed the movement of roads, oil facilities and official departments.

The events came a day after a bloody night in Karbala, during which demonstrators tried to storm the building of the Iranian consulate, and raised Iraqi flags on the concrete wall surrounding it and wrote on it « Karbala is free free ... Iran out out », and protection forces of the building fired live bullets towards the demonstrators; and killed 4 of them. Videos were circulated of demonstrators tearing pictures of Khomeini. Protesters returned to the perimeter of the Iranian consulate in Karbala and raised the Iraqi flag on its walls.

Al-Arab: almost agree to nominate Hariri as prime minister of the new government of Lebanon

On the issue of Lebanon, Al-Arab newspaper said, "Speaker of the Lebanese Parliament Nabih Berri has broken his silence he has maintained since the start of the popular movement in October 17 last year, to announce his commitment to re-nominate the Future Movement leader Saad Hariri for the premiership of Lebanon.

Observers say that the atmosphere from Lebanon suggests that there is a tendency towards assigning Hariri to the premiership, because the rest of the options appear to have little chance of success. They point out that meeting Baabda and the subsequent statements by Berri may also reflect Hezbollah's position on this mandate, but that does not. This means that the authorship has been released, especially since the main node has not been dissolved, which is the nature of this government.


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