Erdogan's loss to Istanbul, Ankara.. Internal fiasco, failing foreign policies

The results of Erdogan's AKP domestic and foreign policies reflected the municipal elections in which Erdogan and his party lost Turkey's administrative and economic capitals, Ankara and Istanbul.

After the Turkish parliamentary elections of the summer of 2018, in which AKP, led by Erdogan, won 42% of the country's total votes, thus winning 295 seats in the parliament. Erdogan and his party sought to put all their weight into the municipal elections race on March 31 this year to impose absolute control over the country after he changed its system from parliamentary to presidential, where all the authorities are concentrated at Erdogan's hands.

This is in addition to the internal politics of the ruling party which has brought tens of thousands to prisons in the past few years under false pretexts.

Erdogan has repeatedly tried to cover these crises at times with sympathy for the Palestinian Cause and at other times claiming that the country is exposed at great risk by SDF who are fighting Daesh mercenaries in north and east of Syria, describing them as "terrorists."

Turkey's foreign policy has not been better than the domestic politics, especially with its involvement in supporting the terrorist gangs, especially Daesh and Jabhet al-Nusra in Syria. As well as committing genocide and massacres in the area of Afrin, which has been occupied for more than a year, in addition to hostility against the United States of America, European countries, Egypt and Saudi Arabia and the penetration of international sanctions on Iran to deal with economically, and these things reflected negatively on the Turkish interior.

But the situation varied with the morning hours the following day (Monday) when the CHP announced victory and obtained three of the largest municipalities in Turkey, the municipalities of Istanbul, Ankara and Izmir on the tongue of its candidate for the municipality of Istanbul Ekrem Imam Oglu who received a percentage of the proportion of AKP candidate Ben Ali Yildirim by 25 thousand votes according to the Supreme Electoral Commission in Turkey after counting 99.8% of the ballot boxes in Istanbul.

Erdogan, who sought to consolidate his rule and authority in Turkey through slogans of democracy and justice that do not exist on the ground and by putting his opponents in jail, set the focus on winning the presidency of Istanbul and Ankara, but the people had another word. The results illustrate the position of the Turkish people on the domestic and foreign policy of the AKP and the one man in Turkey.