Erdogan's goal is to empty Rojava from Kurds

The Turkish state continues its threats against the areas of northern and eastern Syria. These threats come within the framework of the understanding of the border security mechanism in an effort to consolidate the occupation in the region. The propaganda promoted by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan about settlements can be read in this context.

Following the geographic elimination of ISIS by the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in March 23, ISIS sought new methods of massacres and attacks against the region. In parallel, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan began making threats against the region.

Another important issue is the establishment of an international tribunal and the prosecution of mercenaries. Erdogan put all his weight in order to obstruct the establishment of such a court. The establishment of an international tribunal and the prosecution of mercenaries would reveal the covert countries that formed, supported and adopted ISIS. The most vulnerable are the Turkish state and the Erdogan-Bahceli coalition (head of the MHP).

Erdogan's style is escalation to get what he wants

The first stages of the border security understanding were implemented. But if we look carefully at the understanding, Erdogan has raised the tone of his threats after the understanding was launched at a time when the exact opposite was supposed to happen. This means, completely relying on the escalation method. On September 18, Erdogan said, "If we don't reach a conclusion within two weeks, we will act unilaterally." This statement comes within the framework of maintaining a high level of escalation.

The goal of extortion is to expand the territory

Erdogan sees the provision of a 5-kilometer border security zone and joint patrols as an obstacle to sustainable occupation. Therefore, he seeks to impose his vision in an area 30 km deep.

This was demonstrated by Erdogan's speech at the 74th session of the UN General Assembly. During his speech, Erdogan presented a map of his occupation plans. On the one hand, Erdogan accused Israel of changing the map of Palestine. On the other hand, he himself presented his plans to change the map of northern and eastern Syria. This, revealed the real face of Erdogan. Of course, Erdogan was trying to put pressure on Western powers ahead of the meeting with US President Donald Trump.

The whole world is aware that the fascist alliance between Erdogan and Bahceli does not seek to secure borders. The imposition of a 30 km border security zone would mean the occupation of the territory of northern and eastern Syria.

The plan is an occupation under the name of border security and settlements

When Erdogan was talking about his occupational plan, he stated that Turkey would set up settlements and asked for material support from the countries of the international coalition to fight ISIS. Erdogan's words were accompanied by soft talk of settlement units with garden apartments. This talk illustrates Erdogan's colonial plans and goals in changing demography.

The area where Erdogan spoke and seeks to settle for refugees, has a population of millions. This means the resettlement of refugees in Turkey, as in Afrin, through the displacement of the indigenous population.

In fact, it is more correct to call the “mercenary settlements” that Erdogan seeks to create. Erdogan aims, through the application of his vision, to reach the limits of the Milli Charter and revive the imagination of the new Ottoman. Erdogan wants to implement this plan by committing massacres against the Kurds, demographic change and the elimination of everything related to the Kurds.

On the other hand, Erdogan seeks to reorganize mercenaries, which would pose a threat to the world and not only to Rojava. Implementing Erdogan's plan in settlement units means plunging the world into terrorist outposts.

What Turkey is seeking from the border security zone, ANHA asked the HDP's Foreign Relations officer, the party's co-presidency assistant, Hishiyar Ozsoy, and the spokesman of the Democratic Union Party (PYD), Saleh Muslim.

'They want to hinder the formation of a Kurdish entity'

Hishiyar Ozsoy explained that from the beginning the Turkish state had no intention of securing the border. "In the real sense on the other side of the border there are no threats of shooting on the Turkish side. Basically, there is no need for those fears, the Autonomous Administration has confirmed its willingness to solve the problems. "Erdogan's logic is based solely on anti-Kurds and now controls the Turkish Republic. Its main logic is to impede the formation of an autonomous Kurdish entity. The main threat is not firing towards Turkey from Rojava. They are trying to eliminate the danger of a Kurdish or autonomous region."

The Afrin-Kobani road was blocked, is there a similar scheme to Kobani-Jazeera road?

Ozsoy explained that Turkey is using the Syrian refugees' paper to prevent the creation of a Kurdish entity. "They want to settle the Sunni Arabs who came to Turkey from different regions, in Rojava. In other words, what Hafez al-Assad was seeking in the early 1960s by forming an Arab belt, Erdogan is trying to implement today.”

As a result, they do not want to see Kurdish rule in the border area. In this context, they blocked the road between Kobani and Afrin. Now they want to block the road between Jazeera and Kobani. That is to say, a policy of forming a geography free of Kurds and Arabizing it. "There is a lot of pressure in this direction and they can buy European silence."

“In the event of an attack, Turkey will face serious sanctions”

Following Turkey's receipt of Russia's S-400 missile defense system, the US Congress put considerable pressure on Trump to impose sanctions on Turkey. Trump is still trying to block sanctions. During the G-20 summit, Erdogan met with Trump, the US president said, "a path will be reached through dialogue."

"By purchasing the Russian C-400 air defense system, Erdogan directed all Congressional arrows toward him," Ozsoy added. "But an attack on Rojava without US approval would be a miscalculation."

Ozsoy recalled that a delegation of the Peoples’ Democratic Party held meetings in the United States a few days ago. Trump will resist against the pressure of Congress and will be forced to impose new sanctions on Turkey.

'Turkish kneeling policy still alive'

For his part, the Democratic Union Party’s (PYD) spokesman Saleh Muslim said that since 2010, Turkey has plans for Syria. Turkey continues to insist on annihilating the Kurds and bringing about demographic change in the Kurdish regions, and as a result of the bankruptcy of its policies in Turkey, Turkey is resorting to blackmail.

The whole world, before the changes in the Middle East, only Turkey remained in the back. Now they want to implement a policy of kneeling based on the elimination of the Kurds, Armenians, Syrians and democratic system. They want to apply this in the four parts of Kurdistan. "What Turkey has done in Bakur is no less than ISIS’ acts in northern and eastern Syria and no less than what it does in Afrin."

The Safe Zone scheme dates back to 2012

Since 2012 there has been a "safe zone" scheme. Therefore, the Turkish state opened its borders in order to displace the population of Rojava. Turkey planned to exploit the refugees and bring about demographic change.



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