Erdogan's fires devour people's living amid international silence

The people of Sheikh Maksoud neighborhood said about the actions of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries such as cutting, and burning trees and crops in north and east of Syria, contrary to religious norms and international laws, condemning the international silence towards these practices.

The residents of the Sheikh Maksoud neighborhood in Aleppo condemned the international public opinion, which still remains silent about the practices of the Turkish occupation.

The citizen Jihan Sheikho talked about the conspiracy of countries and their silence on all violations and damage caused by the Turkish occupation against the general population of the region, and said, "The matter did not stop to this extent, but it burned the crops and destroyed the people's living."

She added, "The Turkish occupation seeks through these practices to break the will of the people of the region, but it does not know that we are a resistant people. As we resisted in Sheikh Maksoud under the siege, we will resist now and will not retreat from demanding our rights until the liberation of our land."

The young man Ahmed Hussein said in this regard, "The Turkish occupation's mercenaries in Afrin are practicing violations; killing, robbery and stealing, amid Erdogan's support for them materially and logistically, even nature and crops have been burned, and all this is happening before the eyes of the world."

Hussein pointed out that the goal of the Turkish occupation was the elimination of the Kurdish identity and the revival of the Ottoman Empire again. He called on the peoples of the region to rise up against the "practices and crimes of Erdogan."

Hussein Ibrahim said that the fires of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries were devouring the resources of the region and the people's living. He added, "Despite the good rains this year, which the people were blessed with abundant goods, Erdogan's fire came and devoured those goods amid international silence."

Al-Sheikh Ismail Qamco pointed out that the Turkish occupation aimed at eliminating the peoples' fraternity and co-existence in all the acts of Erdogan that had nothing to do with Islam. Burning wheat spills was one of the worst sins that no religion of heaven could accept.




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