Erdogan tries to uproot human civilization in northern Syria""

The Syrian Democratic Council denounced the silence of international and human rights organizations in the face of Erdogan's threats to the Syrian north through a statement calling for the removal of the Turkish occupation from the Syrian territories, saying that Erdogan is trying to uproot human civilization.

In protest against the violations of the Turkish occupation within the Syrian territory and the occupation of Afrin and other areas in Syria, the Syrian Democratic Council (Aleppo's Office) issued a statement to the public, denouncing violations of the Turkish occupation and its mercenaries in the occupied territories.

The statement was read by a member of the Bureau of Relations of the Syrian Democratic Council Fatima al-Husseini, it included:

"The whole world today is undergoing vicissitudes, particularly on the Syrian arena and the events that have been created by some countries that support terrorism, led by Erdogan, where he is doing all his criminal acts to change the geography of Afrin and settle the foreigners and alienate the indigenous people and lift the wall of racist separation and displace its population before the eyes of human rights organizations and with the support of the coalition, in addition to the daily threats of the Syrian north.

Erdogan is trying to uproot human civilization in the north of Syria from its roots by forcing the remaining parents to learn the Turkish language and the issuance of Turkish identification cards.

We call on all human rights and international organizations to stop Erdogan and remove him and his forces from the Syrian north so that the people return to their homes, which were forcibly stolen and sabotaged.

Erdogan is not satisfied with Afrin and Idlib, but has expansionist goals, and we appeal to all concerned parties, especially countries that deal with and support Erdogan to stop backing him and work hard to remove his forces from Afrin and Idlib and all Syrian territory.


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