Erdogan threatens Armenians on Ottoman legacy of genocides

Erdogan, grandson of the Ottomans and heir to their criminal legacy, proves every day that his policy towards other religions is getting worse every day, by threatening the Armenians who survived the massacres of his ancestors.

The American Gatestone Institute published a report on Erdogan's deep contempt for Christians, Armenians and Greeks, his anti-Christian rhetoric, and his use of a popular Turkish phrase "descendants of Christian genocide survivors."

"A terrorist from the descendants of Christian genocide survivors that the Ottoman committed genocides  against Armenians and Greeks will not be allowed to carry out their terrorist activities," Erdogan said, adding that "their numbers have decreased considerably, but still they are still coming out."

Erdogan used the term "kılıç artığı" a common Turkish term referring to the survivors of ottoman massacres of Armenians, Syriacs and Greeks.

Erdogan's using of this phrase is a warning on multiple levels, not only an insult to the victims and survivors of these massacres, but also a threat to declining Christian communities as a result of the pressure and physical threats subjected on them.

"In his hateful speech last time, Erdogan once again used the phrase "kılıç artığı", which refers to orphans like my grandmother who survived the massacres in 1915," Baylan, a member of the Armenian-Turkish parliament said.

Baylan confirmed that whenever they heard the phrase, their wounds were bleeding again.

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