Erdogan statements it was just for boasting to compensate his moral loss

Erdogan made a statement after obeying Trump's threats to stop the attacks, but continues to maneuver and offer his own interpretations to promote his plans to resume the offensive to compensate for his moral loss after week-long battles in which he made no progress.

On Saturday morning, the Arab press touched upon Turkish attacks on north and east of Syria.

Al-Arab: Despite Erdogan statements but he obeyed threats' Trump. 

"Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Friday made a remarks suggesting that his country has achieved its conditions through the ceasefire agreement imposed by Washington on Ankara under the threat of destructive sanctions on the Turkish economy," Al-Arab newspaper said.

"The statements are trying to hide the great shock of the Turkish president, who was planning to impose a buffer zone on Syrian territory by force of arms, intimidating the Kurds and sending strong signals to the countries involved in the Syrian file that Turkey is a key and specific player in any future solution, which will make it in direct confrontation with Russia." Iran and Syria. "

Erdogan told reporters in Istanbul on Friday that one of the advantages of the agreement with the Americans that "our security forces will not leave the region, and that Turkey and the United States will be in constant contact, and meetings between the delegations of our two countries will continue."

The Turkish president said that the 120-hour deadline agreed with the United States includes the departure of Kurdish forces buffer zone.

A White House spokeswoman said the ceasefire would take time after automatic rifles, shelling and smoke were detected on the Syrian-Turkish border the day after senior US officials announced a truce.

In an attempt to jump on these facts, the Turkish president has passed to create a new space of controversy by providing a special interpretation of the ceasefire and threatening to resume operations without leaving Washington enough time to sponsor the withdrawal of Kurdish forces from the agreed area.

Erdogan is seeking to show that the relationship with the administration of US President Donald Trump is good despite the widespread criticism among US officials of the agreement and its terms, and the threat of Republicans and Democrats in Congress to move on sanctions.

Observers believe that Erdogan is trying through the parade of military "successes" to compensate for the moral loss in the attack, during which the Turkish army failed for a week to make qualitative progress at the expense of the Kurds.

The Turkish president also failed to present himself as an Ottoman invader capable of defying international pressures and implementing his first step in redefining regional maps by restoring the old “Ottoman glory”.

Analysts point out that a ceasefire without limiting the capabilities of the SDF would provoke angry domestic reactions against the Turkish president, who promised to destroy Kurdish armed groups, but had to accept the ceasefire without the promised “victory” and pressured him to silence dissidents. Turks to enter the military adventure northeast of Syria.

"At some point, Turkey will have to stop its military operations without achieving the goals it has set," says Gareth Jenkins, an analyst at the Institute for Security and Development Policy.

Jenkins believes that the agreement may not put an end to the Turkish military operation in Syria because the Turkish army will continue to target Kurdish fighters in Iraq and Syria, which means abandoning the agreement after investing in trying to improve the image of Erdogan at home, which was shaken by political and economic options that increased the suffering of the Turks.

Emirates today: Turkish-backed forces release prisoners from ISIS fighters

"While Turkey is waging a violent campaign against Kurdish fighters and civilians, in northern Syria, Ankara-backed forces linked to militant groups have released fighters jailed in Kurdish prisons who are ISIS fighters, two US officials told Foreign Policy.

"This allegation comes as someone who pours cold water on what US President Donald Trump said on his Twitter account that the Kurdish guard released the detainees in order to draw the attention of the United States." After the Pentagon ordered all American soldiers to withdraw from the area. "




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