Erdogan receives harsh slap by voters, Coalition focuses on IS' defeat permanently

Turkey people had lost patience about what Erdogan has done during16 years of his control, but during the local elections, he had received harsh slap, while the International Coalition will intensify efforts for defeating Daesh in full.

On Monday morning, the majority of the world newspapers touched upon the local Turkish elections and the next stage of the Anti-Daesh International Coalition.

Erdogan suffers major defeats in Turkey's two largest cities

The New York Times newspaper talked about the municipal elections in Turkey, which is happening in the midst of an growing economic crisis, and the newspaper pointed out that it has been appeared that the Turkish president's party is ready to lose the Turkish capital Ankara and its city Istanbul in the municipal elections.

The newspaper noted that the preliminary results show that Erdogan will receive a big blow in the first major electoral setback after being in power a decade and a half ago.

But for the first time in his political career, Erdogan has tasted the defeat in municipal races at the center of the Turkish political power, Ankara, and perhaps even in his hometown, Istanbul, the country's business hub.

Erdogan's party faces setback in local elections

The Wall Street Journal reported that the party of the President Recep Tayyip Erdogan seemed to lose political control of the capital and many other major cities in local elections held on Sunday, a rare electoral setback in the Turkish leader's 16-year-old reign that culminated in months of growing economic crisis.

In Ankara, the candidate from the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) was defeated by 47.3 percent to 50.6 percent by a rival of the Republican People's Party according to preliminary results.

Turkish voters punish Erdogan

While the British newspaper, the Times reported that the Turkish President Erdogan suffered a rare electoral setback last night as he lost the major cities in the local elections' results, which were a test of his popularity during the economic crisis.

The newspaper said, "After almost all the votes were counted, the opposing Republican People's Party (CHP) announced that it had narrowly defeated Erdogan's Justice and Development Party (AKP) in the capital, Ankara.

In Istanbul, Turkey's largest city, the competition was very close to the votes, with 99 percent of the votes was counted, and both the Justice and Development Party and the secular Republican People's Party claimed they won."

The International Coalition will focus on the permanent defeat of Daesh in Syria and Iraq

The Israeli newspaper, Jerusalem Post, reported that the last IS' elements had been defeated in al-Baguz, the town they once occupied on the Euphrates, liberated by the Syrian Democratic Forces in late March with the support of the Anti-Daesh Coalition.

The Coalition will now move to focus on the permanent defeat of Daesh according to the Colonel James Rawlinson, the director of the Public Affairs Task Force - Solid Steel Process.

He told the Israeli newspaper that the Syrian Democratic Forces and the International Coalition had liberated 110,000 square kilometers of land and 7.7 million people were under Daesh's control.



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