Erdogan receives global terrorism leadership from IS under international legitimacy

With the imminent declaration of the total elimination over IS in their last stronghold in the north and east of Syria, at this stage, Erdogan is going to spoil the joy of victory and announce his acceptance of the leadership of global terrorism from the hands of IS who collapsed by declaring war on the forces that eliminated IS on behalf of the world. This time Erdogan is practicing terrorism under the cover of international legitimacy, employs the term of terrorism maliciously and sticks it to


Several years ago, terror and fear dominated the world with the emergence of extremist terrorist gangs that emerged in the ugliest forms of brutality under the slogan "We Came to Slaughter you ," represented by IS and its partners who formed the obsession of terror in Western and European countries in particular.

It is no secret that in the last years of the Syrian crisis, Turkey has been considered the head of global terrorism.

Today, after the almost complete elimination of IS by the Syrian Democratic Forces, Erdogan reacted swiftly and announced that Turkey would play IS' role, but what made it worse was to pass his terrorism against the peoples with the conviction of the international legitimacy and attacking everyone as a lame wolf without being stopped by anyone. Europe is afraid of him because he is threatening them by flooding them with refugees in public and terrorists if they refused to be silent.

America does not want to lose its strategic ally in the region and enter into the bosom of the Russians and Iran, and Russia is benefiting from it in curbing the mercenary and terrorist groups such as al-Nusra and other fronts in Syria and eliminating them by Turkey through the conclusion of public and secret agreements with them so all the sides are silent towards its violations because the priority is their interests and influence in the region, even if that would be at the expense of the blood of peoples. Here, the real depiction of the moral decline of the policies of capitalist states, that use the policy on the principle of trade and calculated profits only without paying attention to the humanitarian and moral side of their policies, including the massacres and bloodshed of peoples, is shown.

The battle of Afrin revealed the masks from all faces, and showed the ugliness of those who spoke about democracy, peace and the claim to fight terrorism. Today, we see that Erdogan declares war against those who fought terrorism firmly on behalf of the world, and describes them as "terrorists" amid international silence and with the blessing of some who legitimize Turkey's terrorism against the people on the pretext that it is an internationally recognized legal state!

The question that arises today: Is the massacres committed by the organized armies become legal and legitimate in the dictionary of globalization and civilization of the twenty-first century?!, Only because these armies were launched from a state with its own government and constitution, without paying attention to the crimes of these armies ?! Is not organized state terrorism more dangerous than the terrorist organizations and gangs against the peoples?

The term "terrorism" remains problematic in terms of defining its concept and date of appearance.

Since the events of 11 September 2001, global terrorism has been associated with Islamic extremism and the consequences of the events of September 11. The authoritarian state has found terrorism a powerful pretext for tightening its grip on individual freedoms and the rights of the group without fearing about the blaming of the influential countries or the masses.

Although all countries and governments practice terrorism in its various forms, the Turkish state's model is the blatant form which has reached the highest level of state terrorism in terms of all systematic and unethical methods of terrorism against its people and against the rest of the peoples within and outside its borders, committing all its crimes against its victims accused of being terrorists!!

Ironically, Turkey practices state terrorism and accuses everybody of its victims of being terrorists, and it accuses all those who sympathize with or defend the victims of terrorism as terrorists! Even the United States of America has become a terrorist indictment in Turkey because it supports the Kurds in Syria, and every European country calls on Turkey to stop its massacres and violations which can no longer be covered by the Turkish accusations of terrorism.

Turkey has mixed all cards with each other and the concept of terrorism has become foggy and upside down. The genocide of the peoples, according to the Turkish dictionary, has been legitimized by the state, while the peoples' uprising in self-defense is terrorism. The occupation of the territory of the other peoples has been legitimate and the people's defense of their land has become terrorism, and opposing the policies of the state or its ruler or criticizing him has become terrorism!!

Under the accusation of terrorism, its supporters or promoting its propaganda, Turkey has mobilized thousands of politicians, parliamentarians, journalists, jurists and activists in prisons, in addition to the systematic assassination operations practiced against several others.

Turkey's latest aggression against Afrin represents the top of state terrorism by violating the sovereignty of the neighboring countries first, occupying the land of others, committing massacres against civilians and children, destroying the infrastructure of cities, destroying historical monuments and holy places, following the policies of mass displacement and ethnic cleansing against the peoples, seeking to change the demography of the area and other violations and crimes against humanity, yet faces the international and global silence and without accountability from anyone.

We all know that in 2014, an international coalition of more than 20 countries led by the United States of America was formed to combat terrorism, which was represented by IS, and had a positive role to eliminate it, but the question arises is what about the state terrorism?? Is there no need today to form a similar coalition in the face of state terrorism as well? Or will states, as legitimate, continue to evade accountability for their crimes and violations? How long will the international community continue to adopt double standards in the face of terrorism?



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