Erdogan insists on occupying Syrian territories

The Turkish leader Erdogan revealed his aims to occupy the Syrian territories where he announced that his country will not withdraw from the observation points in Idlib warning the Syrian regime of launching any offensive against the area and he continues to play with the refugees card against the Europe.   

The Turkish president Erdogan announced that Ankara did not want to withdraw its troops from the observation points established in Idlib, warning the Syrian regime to respond to any launched attack.

In an interview with Reuters, Erdogan on Friday said that there are no calls between his country and Damascus over the observation points established by Turkey in Idlib, adding that there is a coordination with Russia in this regard and partially with Iran.

He added that his country would not stand idly by if the observation points in Idlib were subjected to attacks by the Syrian regime.

Erdogan in the same context said that there are no intention to withdraw the observation points from Idlib at the current stage.

As for the refugees issue Erdogan warned Europe again to open the borders for the refugees to go to Europe.

Al Sharq Al Awsat newspaper said that activists said the regime forces brought additional troops to its positions in the eastern Lattakia Mountains, at the same times the mercenaries groups are preparing to confront the attacks.    


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