Erdogan exploits mosques to spy on his opponents in Germany

A survey conducted by a German TV channel revealed that Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is taking advantage of Turkish mosques in Germany to spy on his Turks, Kurds or Germans opponents.

The investigation, which was broadcast by the German "ZDF" channel, presented testimonies of Turkish opponents and German officials who had been threatened by imams of mosques, because of their opposing positions  of Edrogan and his political system.

Erdogan's regime is taking advantage of the Turkish Islamic Union in Germany, known simply as " DİTİB ", which includes hundreds of mosques and Islamic centers in the country, under the direct authority of Turkish intelligence, to spy on its opponents.

The " DİTİB ", the largest Islamic organization in Germany, operates more than 900 mosques located in 16 German states, and its imams and workers are among the strongest supporters of the Turkish president. They deal directly with Turkish intelligence to catch Erdogan's opponents.

Elinal Ozil, the young Turkish man who sought refuge in Kassel, Germany after the coup attempt in 106, said that the imam of the mosque, who used to visit him for prayer, once stopped him and threatened him because he belonged to a opposing group  of Erdogan.

Ozil talked about the threat he faced more than once from Erdogan's supporters, saying that he did not expect to feel fear again after he left Turkey for Germany, especially as he was hoping to start a life full of security and stability in Germany.

The threat exceeded Turkish citizens to include German political figures of Turkish and Kurdish origin. Sevim Dagdilene, a member in the Left Party in the German parliament, said she feared espionage operations by Erdogan and the Turkish Intelligence Agency.

Dagdilene blamed the current German government, which she described as "encouraging Erdogan", "a large part" of the responsibility for the violations and espionage operations committed by Turkey on German soil, indicating Erdogan that he ran his country with a "mafia mentality."

According to the investigative investigation, imams of mosques are required to collect information about the whereabouts of Turkish opponents and German politicians, and the information is sent to the Turkish embassy and consulates, which in turn are regularly sent to the Turkish intelligence.

According to the information provided in the investigation, the number of people who watched Erdogan's opponents and spied on his opponents in various parts of Germany reached about 8,000, which makes them more like an army of spies.

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