Erdogan… dancing sultan over Syrians' bloodshed


Turkey has been talking about Turkish ambition for the past seven years through Manbij city, especially after signing agreements with the guarantor states of Russia and Iran in Astana and Sochi and taking up the hope of the "Syrian Opposition" from the eastern Ghouta and Daraa, which are considered the cradle of the Syrian peaceful movement before the arming of this movement and Syria becomes a battlefield for civil war.

How Erdogan tricks the Syrians, breaks their hopes

Erdogan's statement, as crowds of protesters marched into various city squares in Syria, that "Turkey will not allow the repetition of the massacres of Hama" in 1982 was only the beginning of the Turkish indirect incursion in the Syrian conflict, and diverting this movement to serve its projects in the region.

The Syrian demonstrators had to see the Turkish government as the main supporter of the so-called "Syrian revolution," whether morally or by supplying the Syrians with weapons and ignite the civil war in the country, in conjunction with the handing over of the Syrian dissident officers from the Syrian army present in Turkey to the Syrian regime as the colonel "Husein Harmoush" by the Turkish government as a swap between the two governments to save the poor relationship.

Syrians were killed on the Turkish border and their bodies were dragged

After the intensifying of fighting in Syria, hundreds of Syrian families were enforced to flee to the Turkish territory to protect themselves from the Syrian war atrocities, but the Turkish border guards over the past years killed about 382 people, including women and children, according to statistics of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights in the summer of 2018, while some Turkish soldiers dragged the corpses on the ground after killing them under torture.

ISIS is the Turkish way to intimidate and subdue the Syrians

Many disagreed with the beginning of the emergence of ISIS gangs which relied primarily on intimidating citizens by beheading and burning them alive around their base and their financiers.

Later, documents and evidence were revealed proving the support of the Turkish government, led by Erdogan, of ISIS even logistically, not to mention the opening of the border crossings between Syria and Turkey where thousands of mercenaries crossed into the areas of ISIS presence and killed thousands of Syrians in different cities under the cover of "providing the Islamic legislation."

Emptying Aleppo and Damascus of the armed opposition and displacing thousands of Syrians

Thousands of Syrians rushed with the entry of the Turkish army to north Syria, chanting slogans praising Erdogan in the pretext of establishing a buffer zone in conjunction with the approaching elimination of ISIS in the region north of Aleppo, days after the liberation of Manbij by the Syrian Democratic Forces, Turkey has occupied the region it mentioned at the expense of ISIS in a play considered by some as the changing of military clothes process between ISIS and the Turkish army.

To face off the SDF progress, Turkey held a series of meetings in the Kazakh capital Astana with Russia and Iran and agreed to remove the opposition supported by them from all regions except Idlib province to collect "opposition factions", which is good for Russia and the Syrian regime, which opened the way for Turkey to get rid of the Democratic Autonomous Administration in Afrin by shelling it with various types of weapons whether on land or air and displacing its people.

Daraa, Aleppo, and the eastern Gouta in Damascus and northern Homs were handed over without any battles to the Syrian regime under Turkish patronage after seven years of war in those areas. Tens of thousands of Syrians were displaced in camps on the Turkish border after they left their homes and boarded the green buses on the basis of ensuring their livelihood by Turkey.

North Syria under the Turkish occupation

With the entry of the Turkish army accompanied by thousands of mercenaries to the areas of northern Aleppo, the region is experiencing an explosion here or there or assassinations of military leaders and disputes about property stolen from the people.

The Turkish government and its intelligence did not stop at this point, but thousands of its armed supporters pushed them into a civil war to control the area of ​​Afrin, which was fueled by the blood of the Syrian people.

Amnesty International therefore issued a report in which it considered that Turkey is occupying Afrin and disregarded the robberies carried out by the so-called "Free Army" and serious human rights violations.

Despite this, some Syrians believe that Turkey has the right to occupy Syrian territory after all these violations and massacres sponsored by Turkey, to relive and rejoice in Turkish threats to occupy other areas in North and East of Syria as well Manbij city.




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