Erdogan bows…Trump plans to withdraw

Observers say that Russia succeeded in forcing Turkey to bow to the new reality in Idlib and draw new borders for  Sochi agreement, while U.S. President Donald Trump seeks to reassure the Afghan government in order to facilitate the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Afghanistan, while the CORONA virus continues to spread globally.

The Arab press reported last week on the situation in Idlib, the Russian-Turkish agreement, as well as the agreement between Washington and the Taliban, and the spread of coronavirus.

 Al Bayan: Erdogan gets disappointed

 the Arab newspapers published during the past week addressed on the Syrian issue several topics, most notably the situation in Idlib and the recent Russian-Turkish agreement. In this context Al-Bayan said: "Russia succeeded in forcing Turkey to bow to the new reality in Idlib, The establishment of new borders for  Sochi agreement, ensuring the maintenance of the gains of the Syrian army during its campaign against pro-Turkish factions, and torpedoing the "Turkish deadline", which it set for the Syrian army to withdraw.

After three hours of marathon talks, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan reached a ceasefire in Idlib province, which came into effect last night.

The brief terms of the agreement reflect a victory for the Syrian army and Russia in the battle against the Turkish army and its factions; as the new agreement depends on stabilization of the gains of the Syrian army as well as carrying out "joint patrols" with Turkey on the international road "M4" which is under the control of the armed factions, with the aim of securing it completely by depth of six kilometers on the side of the road linking Aleppo and Latakia, and ensuring its operation unhindered, while the other international road, Aleppo- Damascus, remains under the control of the Syrian army, ensuring that Turkey does not attempt to disrupt the movement of traffic.

Under these terms, Turkey has failed to achieve its main objective, which is to regain areas controlled by the Syrian army in its recent campaign, as Erdogan has  repeated his threat of a "Turkish ultimatum", which included asking Syrian forces to withdraw from all areas and towns that have taken control of them, including large cities in Idlib countryside, such as Ma'arat al-Numan, Saraqeb and dozens of villages north of Hama.

Al-Arab: Trump is trying to reassure his Afghan allies to pave the way for the withdrawal of the U.S. forces

 In the case of Afhgan,  al-Arab said: "the U.S. President Donald Trump had a telephone conversation with Taliban leader, Mullah Radar, according to the extremist movement on Tuesday, days after Washington signed an historic agreement with the movement.

"I actually had a very good conversation with the Taliban leader," Trump told reporters at the White House, without mentioning Radar, the leader of the movement's political movement that led the talks before signing the historic agreement.

"The President of the United States made a phone call with the respected political leader of the Islamic emirate, Mullah Radar Akhund," Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid wrote on Twitter.

The 35-minute call comes a day after the Taliban ended the partial truce, casting doubt on the peace talks between Kabul and the rebels, which are scheduled to begin on March 10.

 Observers say the Trump administration is currently trying to reassure its Afghan allies ( Kabul government) and gain more assurances from the extremist movement to secure the withdrawal of U.S. forces 18 years after the invasion of Afghanistan.

The conversation also comes in parallel with the U.S targeting Taliban forces in an apparent attempt to absorb Kabul's discontent, which has not been satisfied with the Washington-Taliban agreement.

Al Sharq al Awsat: New "Corona" cases in the Arab world.

"The first cases of the new corona virus, officially known as Covid-19, are in Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and Jordan, while the European Union has filed another new case and reported the first cases of the new corona virus, officially known as Covid-19, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia and Jordan," the newspaper said.  



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