Erdogan begins his electoral war early ... exclusion of DavutOglu party

Turkey's Supreme Election Council excluded the Future Party, which was recently founded by resigned Prime Minister Ahmet DavutOglu from the upcoming elections.

Turkey's Supreme Council for Elections has announced a list of parties eligible to participate in the upcoming possible elections, which the future party founded by Ahmet Davutoglu was not among these parties.

The Supreme Council for Elections statement said that the parties that were excluded from the list "do not meet the necessary conditions for participation in the possible elections."

"The parties whose general assembly was organized six months before the second week of January 2020, and those whose party organization has been proven in at least half of the 81 Turkish provinces, will be provided with an electoral list," the statement said.

It appears that the condition set by the Council targets the party of the opponent of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, as the Future Party held its General Assembly on December 13 only.

Ahmet DavutOglu had published a nominal list of 154 founding members, including former officials of the Justice and Development Party, which is led by Erdogan, and it seems that Erdogan did not forgive Davutoglu and his companions for their attempt to create an opposition party, as he said on a previous occasion, "We have seen this from many party members Previously, some of them divided themselves into groups within the same party. "



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