Erdogan al-Sarraj agreement ... has angered everyone, what is it?

Regional and international reactions denouncing Turkey's agreement with the Libyan Accord government continue, as everyone expressed their concern about it, and at a time the Libyan parliament considered it a great betrayal by al-Sarraj, others see it as not equal to the ink in which it was written, so what is this agreement?

It angered everyone internally and externally, it is Turkey's agreement with the Accord government headed by Faiz al-Sarraj, everyone sees it against his interests.

Turkey signed with the Libyan Accord government, Fayez al-Sarraj, the two memoranda of understanding; the first on sovereignty over maritime areas in the Mediterranean, and the second on security and military cooperation between the two countries, in a step that would increase the level of the conflict in the Middle East over gas and influence.

Accord government put itself in the face of a new battle with external parties, namely Cyprus, Greece, Egypt, the European Union and the United States.

The nature of the agreement and its impact on the region

Turkey shares borders with Libya, some of which are in the Mediterranean, with Libya. This agreement will stand in the way of Greece and prevent it from signing the economic agreement with Greek Cyprus, and it will also prevent Egypt from signing a similar agreement with the Libyan army led by Haftar.

International law allows countries to exploit mineral resources for a distance of 200 nautical miles only in the event that this does not conflict with the right of other countries, and the law gives these countries an exclusive right to exploit this wealth in the specified areas.

Through this, Turkey felt that it could not go to these areas without signing such an agreement.

In addition to the Maritime Partition Agreement, there is an agreement in support of it, which is in the security and military affairs, as it has caused great concern to Egypt.

The military agreement provides for the use of Libyan airports and roads for military purposes.

'Erdogan fiddles with leaves to achieve gains and shreds malice by time'

In this context, he spoke to Hawar news agency (ANHA) the writer and political analyst, Dr. Gabriel al-Ubaidi, who said, "al- Sarraj and Erdogan agreement is an agreement and non-existence, both because it is a serious legal and political violation, as it is a signature without a legal character."

"What is called Accord government is a non-existent entity because it was not part of the Libyan constitutional declaration, and even if we assume an argument about world's recognition of the presidential council of Accord government, then by virtue of the already flawed al-Skhirat agreement, it has no right to conclude any agreement except in the presence of all members of the Presidential Council Taken together, al-Sarraj is not entitled to sign alone, according to al- Skhirat Agreement, to which Erdogan Turkey was a sponsor.

"So what happened is nothing but messing and political adolescence in the rule of nothingness," Erdogan's attempts to expand are within the craze, madness and ambitions of the second Ottoman, who dreams of being its authority, but this expansion will collide with the rock of political reality.

The Libyan writer concluded, "Erdogan is messing around with cards to gain gains outside his military ability, and it can be said that he has done in suitable time."



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