Erdogan acquiesces to Europe by preventing refugees' crossing from Turkey

The Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has ordered the Turkish Coast Guard not to allow migrants to try to cross the Aegean Sea to the European Union countries, and that after the European warnings to him and days before his visit to Brussels.

The Turkish president issued a decision to the Coast Guard to prevent migrants in Turkey from crossing the Aegean Sea after the Turkish president threw refugees to the Greek borders, following the heated dispute between Europe and Turkey.

France Press Agency quoted from the Coast Guard: "At the behest of the president, migrants will not be given any permission to cross the Aegean Sea because of the risks involved."

Erdogan's decision comes hours after the European Union's foreign ministers in Croatia yesterday criticized Turkey, saying it was using the desperation of immigrants "for political purposes."

It is worth mentioning that the Turkish president will visit Brussels tomorrow, amid a highly charged dispute between Turkey and the European Union over migrants and refugees.

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