Entrances and exits of Hasakah shut, ISF call on residents to stick to curfew

All roads leading to the city of Hasakah were closed as a precautionary measure after two cases infected with Corona virus emerged, except for humanitarian cases, and the administrator of the security of checkpoints in Hasakah called on the people to abide by the protection procedures.

After confirming the presence of two cases infected with Corona virus in Hasakah city, the Autonomous Administration, in cooperation with the Internal Security Forces (ISF) and the Health Directorate and the Kurdish Red Crescent, took several measures to contain the virus and prevent its spread.

The security forces imposed complete curfew on Al-Imran neighborhood, and it will continue until it is confirmed that the neighborhood is free of other infections, in addition to alerting the residents through loudspeakers that they should not leave the houses.

Al-Hasakah neighborhoods witnessed little movement by the people, while the internal security forces closed all the entrances and exits of the city, except for serious humanitarian cases.

Hawar News Agency ANHA monitored the opinions of a number of the people of Hasakah, after the emergence of cases in the city, and what is required of the people to protect themselves and to limit the spread of the virus.

Farida Khalaf, a resident of Al-Kallaseh neighborhood in the city of Hasakah, said, "After confirming two cases in the city of Hasakah, everyone must pay close attention to themselves and adhere to precautionary measures, and become a physician for oneself in order to preserve health and that of his family."

"If the residents do not abide by all preventive measures, the pandemic will spread throughout the city, and the Autonomous Administration must pay more attention to the people suspected of being infected, in order to preserve the safety of the whole city," Farida added.

For his part, Hassan Al-Sheikh, from the Nazareth neighborhood, said, "People should not leave their homes, prevent gatherings in crowded places, and ask the Health Authority to quarantine every case that is confirmed as being infected, to limit the spread of the pandemic."

While the administrator in the security of in the city of Hasakah Rudi Khalil said, "After the emergence of two confirmed cases in the city of Hasakah, we have taken several measures to limit the spread of the virus, including preventing entry and exit to and from the city of Hasakah, except for humanitarian cases and food and water supply vehicles."

The administrator of the checkpoint security in Hasakah called on the people to help them adhere to the homes, "so that together we can contain this virus."



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