ENKS is tool to fulfill Turkish goals in north, east Syria

The Turkish Intelligence tries again to use the Kurdish National Council to fulfill its goals in north and east of Syria areas, as happened in Afrin Canton. 

Turkish Intelligence is now working on the formation of the so-called " Eastern Euphrates Government '' along the lines of the Afrin Local Council, which was formed before Turkey's occupation of Afrin on March 18, 2018, following a meeting between Turkish intelligence and representatives of the Kurdish National Council in Turkey.

 During this period, the council included several figures from the Kurdish National Council, namely Abdul Hakim Bashar, Kamiran Hajo and Azad Osman.

Then, it turned into the Afrin Rescue Council and the role of the Kurdish National Council after Turkey's occupation of Afrin was marginalized by the same council's testimony.

A special source confirmed to ANHA agency that a person named Munzer al-Sallal, head of the so-called Stabilization Committee in Aleppo province, handed over a document to the head of the foreign relations office of the Kurdish National Council Kamiran Hajo in late June.

 The document included the mechanism of the formation of the so-called (East of the Euphrates Government) in addition to several proposals, most notably the support of sleeper cell groups belonging to Turkey's mercenaries in several areas recently liberated by SDF from ISIS mercenaries.

The so-called stabilization commission was established in late 2015 and classifies itself as independent, has close ties with the Turkish state and the so-called Syrian Interim Government, and receives funding from several international organizations based in Azaz.

Al-Sallal confirmed to the Turkish daily Ahval on July 30, 2018, that they are linked to the Turkish state and said: “We are in close contact with Turkey because the Turkish government is active in the region and because it provides services. We also rely on government assistance regarding the border crossing. Turkish because we are an "independent" organization. They respect our work and consider us part of the Syrian opposition !?

Al-Sallal also asserts that his committee, the Stabilization Committee, "has also contributed to the establishment of some of the seven councils in the Afrin region." Formed after Turkey's occupation of Afrin.

Funding sleeper cells with funds from humanitarian organizations

Returning to the document handed over by al-Sallal to Hajo, it includes the formation of the so-called (Eastern Euphrates Government) composed of the people of the city of Jarablus, Afrin and Manbij.

 According to the source, about two hundred people are receiving training in the town of Hewler in Bashur (southern Kurdistan), mostly sons of Manbij, Jarablus and Afrin, some of whom will be selected within that government.

 The government will be divided into three groups, the first in Jarablus, the second in Manbij and the third in Turkey.

According to the source, al-Sallal handed Hajo a comprehensive study of several areas within northern and eastern Syria, Afrin, Northern Aleppo, Eastern Aleppo, Manbij, Eastern Euphrates, Hasakeh and Deir Ezzor.

 The study emphasizes the need to activate the cells of the mercenaries of Turkey more and support them with the funds received by the organization headed by Al-Salal with funds provided by international organizations in order to destabilize security and stability and to legitimize Turkey's occupation of the region.

In the past few months, al-Hasakah, Deir Ezzor, al-Tabqa and Manbij have seen a series of explosions by motorbikes and car bombs. Dozens of people were killed in the area.

Work on pitting some Arab tribes

According to the source, the Turkish intelligence, through al-Sallal, and the Kurdish National Council, which support the Turkish intelligence with information, and fund the sleeper cells belonging to the mercenaries of Turkey in the region, in particular the so-called Ahrar Al-Sherqiya will conduct some operations in the region from the city of Azaz and northern Aleppo and through the city of Manbij to the city of al-Tabqa and al-Raqqa Deir Ezzor and Al-Hasakah to destabilize security and stability, in addition to pitting some Arab tribes who have young men within the ranks of Ahrar al-Sherqiya mercenaries against the Autonomus Administration to legitimize the Turkish occupation.

Ahrar al-Sharqiya are mercenaries belonging to the Turkish occupation mercenaries that participated in the occupation of Afrin, known to all as groups (Altafish) which steal, loot, rob and kidnap the people.

It is clear from the information obtained by our agency that all the funds provided to the so-called Stabilization Committee go to the sleeper cells of Turkey in order to destabilize the security and stability of the regions of northern and eastern Syria.

The informed source confirmed that there are about 14 thousand mercenaries belonging to Turkey near the Turkish-Syrian border, and were equipped by the Turkish Intelligence to support its aggression on areas of northern and eastern Syria in the event of any attack on the region.

Through its complicity with the Turkish occupation, the Kurdish National Council aims  to take power in northern and eastern Syria, as discussed in the meeting between the Turkish Intelligence  and the so-called "National Coalition of the Revolutionary and Opposition Forces of Syria" and the Kurdish National Council in Syria on  Last June27, which resulted in the decision to defame the PYD as a terrorist, and to hand over control of the north and east of Syria to the Kurdish National Council in Syria (ENKS) following a possible Turkish invasion of northern and eastern Syria.



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