Elizabeth Qoriyya: Turkey's invasion of our areas created largest humanitarian crisis for AA

The Deputy Joint Presidency of the Executive Council of Autonomous Administration said that it was through dialogue with the participants in the annual conference for Autonomous Administration that we reached a unified formula and drawn a map to work on it in the future, noting that the biggest humanitarian crisis caused by Turkey and its mercenaries, during its invasion of our regions.

The talk of the joint vice chair in the Executive Council of the Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria, Elizabeth Qoriyya, came to talk about the main goal of the meeting and the main axes that have been discussed and its importance.

The Autonomous Administration of North and East Syria held its annual meeting for two days in a row, in the conference hall of the Cultural Center in the city of al-Raqqa, with the participation of members of the Democratic Syria Council SDC and the presidential body of Autonomous Administration, its bodies and offices, in addition to the co-chairs of the seven departments in NE, Syria.

"The importance of the meeting comes from discussing and communicating with all seven AA and civil departments to listen to their views, listen to the obstacles of their work and overcome the difficulties that will encounter them in the future," the deputy co-chair of the Executive Council began her speech.

And Elizabeth continued her speech by saying: "It is through the extensive discussion between the participants in the meeting that we were able to reach a unified working formula during the intersection of the opinions of the participants in the meeting and listen to their views."

She considered that the Turkish invasion of NE, Syria and the occupation of it as part of the Syrian territories caused the biggest humanitarian crisis during, 2019 in the areas of Autonomous administration, which constituted a burden for AA by securing the basic needs of the displaced and the establishment of camps for them.

She pointed out that the elimination of ISIS and the fight against its sleeping cells was one of the achievements of the security forces, which have proven effective to defend the Syrian people, noting that its threat remains.

She talked about their handling of the issue of resolving the Syrian crisis and their role in it by talking about the steps that AA has taken in order to find a solution and reach with the central Syrian government in Damascus to establish a decentralized system, stressing that they continue to follow the same approach in the future because they believe that the solution brings dialogue only between the Syrians themselves.

The participants evaluated during the first day of the meeting the political and military situations, and the changes NE, regions of Syria and the extent of its danger to the region in general, as well as the work of the seven AA and civil departments and the Executive Council for AA were evaluated, and put forward difficulties and problems, and submit proposals to solve them during the coming period.



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