Elham Ahmed :Negotiations between regime ,al-Tabqa council to return dam experts

Elham Ahmed pointed out that there are currently negotiations between officials of the regime and the al-Tabqa area local councils to return the experts and employees of the dam to work with the dam administration, and stressed that the talks could continue to include other services areas.


In a statement to the Co-chair of the Syria Deomcratic Council SDC, Elham Ahmed, told to Hawar news agnecy (ANHA) about the current situation in al-Taqba city and the extent of the correct delivery of al-Taqba dam to the regime and return of the security institutions of the city said: "For some time is circulating information on social networking sites, Including those of the regime and others for handing over al-Tabqa city to the regime basically we did not take the path of militarization to solve our issues with the regime, but dialogue was and remains our best choice to resolve all issues, But when we came under attack we defended ourselves, so it is obvious that discussions begin on the service issues that are necessary for our people, and before We have stated that natural resources are the property of all Syrians. Everyone has the right to benefit from

Elham Ahmed pointed out that the reality is that there are talks at the local level, officials of service institutions by the regime and officials of the local councils of al-Taqba city and service institutions, it is understood in those negotiations that the old dam employees and experts to work with the Department of the dam belonging to Democratic Civil Administration of al-Taqba city and rehabilitation of the dam and repair of its breakdowns .

Ahmed stressed that these negotiations are normal because it serves the Syrians, and these talks may continue to include other areas of service "As for the security file is a very sensitive file, on the issues of nationalism, and the realization of democracy is not on the table of the talks. And the return of security boxes is far from the truth .



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