Elham Ahmed congratulates the Syrian people with IS ending

Elham Ahmad congratulated the Syrian people noting that the Democratic Syria Council believes that the geographical liberation alone is not sufficient to eliminate IS, but the next stage is also very important, in addition to the search of the file of the prisoners whose number exceeded 5,000 and they must be tried by an international court on the land they committed the crimes against its people.


The text of the speech of Elham Ahmed, co-chair of the Executive Council of Democratic Syria Council during a speech at the ceremony to announce the elimination of IS mercenaries.

"On this day on March 23, we witness the declaration of the complete liberation of the geography of northern and eastern Syria from IS. We congratulate the people of Syria on this victory and all the military forces that have provided thousands of martyrs in order to eradicate terrorism and bring peace."

We thank the International Coalition forces that actively supported all the military campaigns waged by Syrian Democratic Forces and provided martyrs in those campaigns.

We congratulate all humanity on this occasion and remember all the martyrs and bow before their great sacrifices.

We now live historic moments which history records with golden letters drawn by the blood of innocent martyrs, the sacrifices of our valiant forces and the efforts of our proud people.

Five years and our forces are engaged in fierce battles against this malignant disease that has afflicted our country and dispersed it. Therefore, thanks to these efforts, life returns to our people and it gains life and freedom. This step contributes to the destruction of the tyranny that targeted the existence of women and humanity.

At the moment when the elimination of Daesh terrorism is announced, we know that its danger is still present and in other forms in the other Syrian regions, so we say that the stage of geographical liberation is over and this does not mean its complete elimination and we know that the dangers of sleeper cells still exist strongly.

There is a risk of reproducing it again, either by endangering the security of the region by the regional powers or by stopping the campaign against sleeping cells. Therefore, it is necessary for the new campaign to continue its second phase in confronting sleeper cells, the region is intensively under control over more than five years. The third and simultaneous phase with the elimination of Daesh cells is to fight its culture by supporting non-lethal weapons.

As for the Democratic Syria Council, we believe that the liberation of geography alone is not sufficient to eliminate IS, but the next stage is also very important, in addition to the search for the file of the prisoners whose number exceeded 5,000 and tried by an international court on the land where they committed crimes against its people, Daesh families' number has exceeded 80,000, this also one of the most complex issues needs to be resolved. Therefore, we believe that the continuation of international support is an important process, and as we bear the responsibility of fighting them together, it is also necessary for the international community to shoulder its responsibility.

We call upon all actors in the Syrian file and the international community to contribute to resolving the Syrian crisis and to play a positive role to open the way for the return of the displaced in positive and secure conditions within the framework of the political process agreed upon by the Syrians.

"We have great hope that this liberation will make a quantum leap towards sustainable peace and that it will play a great role in advancing the Syrian file. Once again, we would recall that any political process without the involvement of the representatives of the Autonomous Administration will result in failure. "



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