​​​​​​​Elections at War - Rauf Karakogan

Politics heats up a few days before the Turkish elections, and it will be difficult for the people in power to accept defeat in the elections. When one looks at the tone of the members of the Justice and Development Party, they seem to be fighting in a field of war, and there are prominent politicians who consider the elections a "war of liberation." . Even the Turkish Foreign Minister, Süleyman Soylu, has crossed his limits and said: "We will not bury Kilicdaroglu alone in the ballot boxes, but we will bury the American president as well, and we will bring peace to Damascus, Baghdad and Kabul." They did not even hesitate to say that these elections would be the beginning of the "conquest of the world."

There are many reasons why presidential and parliamentary elections are important. First and foremost, there is a need for a change of power. The economic crises, especially the crises that emerged during the current political regime and many other reasons, the people's desire to get rid of these pressures is the most important reason for these elections. The opposition says that it will move from a dictatorship to a parliamentary system, direct the people's desire for change, and gather large crowds in the squares. Opinion polls and pre-election expectations indicate that the election results will be sensitive.

The Justice and Development Party has been in power for 21 years, and it considers these elections an “existential issue” for it, so it is doing its best in it.  He is well aware that if he is defeated in these elections, he will be excluded from politics with all the gains of his power that lasted for 21 years, so he seeks to attract attention to him by carrying out greedy and reckless propaganda and attacking the Kurds.

Dictator Erdogan and his party, the Justice and Development Party, have turned into a criminal organization with power, they discriminated against the people and pursued dirty politics. And they established a system of looting and theft, and they harnessed the state’s resources to serve their personal and family interests, and they did so in all areas and fields. They used the law as a weapon to suppress the people and waged war against the Kurds. In the end, he wore out and reached the edge of the abyss.

The Kurdistan Liberation Movement and its organized forces are the only force capable of defeating Erdogan and his party, the Justice and Development Party. The Kurdish people have a strong will and a leadership capable of representing it, and those who did not take this power into account did not escape defeat. They defeated the Justice and Development Party in the municipal elections, but they did not achieve a result. Now is the time to make the AKP lose the general elections. This indicates that those who do not understand this political equation or the Kurdish dialectics will not be able to avoid this outcome. We hope that some members of the opposition who offend the Kurdish political movement will draw a lesson from these results.

Everyone will seek to participate in the defeat of the Justice and Development Party, and there is no doubt that each party will have its own role and influence. But the Kurds and the Kurdish liberation movement represent the real decisive force. It is the reality of the PKK, which fights everything, makes great sacrifices, wages a relentless struggle, and defeats the Justice and Development Party. And if this fact does not appear, the rest will be vain illusions.

The fascist power seems to know that it will be defeated, but it also seems that it will not surrender. The greatest hatred is towards the Kurds, who will determine the results of the elections. Because Leader APO's resistance also determined the fate of these elections. When they did not achieve any results from the meetings that were said to be taking place in Imrali, they began to launch attacks and extermination operations, pinning their hopes on benefiting from the wave of violence. Now, before the elections, they started arrest campaigns. They hope to achieve a result by silencing the free media, but they realize that this is nonsense.

The inclusion of the Free Dawa Party in the fascist coalition of the Justice and Development and the National Movement indicates its inability. With a fascist alliance considered the most reactionary in Turkey and with racist parties who share the same ideology as ISIS, they have built their last hope. The alliance with the political remnants of the Free Dawa Party is official evidence of the defeat of the Justice and Development Party and the fascist movement. This electoral alliance is also an affiliate of ISIS. And of course, wherever ISIS settles, there will be a counter-struggle.

The more the election fields became heated and the electoral competition intensified, the more similar the statements of the rulers were to the atmosphere of war. There is great concern that this election will be an extraordinary election. There is a bloodthirsty government that allows and even encourages provocations. Despite the operations that would disrupt the elections, everything can be expected. We are only two weeks away from the elections and the drums of war could be beating.

In sum, we are witnessing a critical stage in which everyone must be on alert. The throne of the Justice and Development Party, which has been in place for 21 years, will be overthrown, and the Kurds will write history as a decisive force in these elections, and they will form the bridge to democracy.

T/ Satt.