Elders of Kurdish, Arab clans: We to support SDF against any attack

Elders and sheikhs of the Kurdish and Arab clans expressed their rejection of any Turkish threat against the north and east of Syria and expressed their support for SDF.

The threats of the Turkish state have increased recently to launch attacks on our areas and met with popular and official refusal.

We would support SDF

Reshad Haj Khalil of al-Omariya clan said," the military troops which fought Daesh and eliminated the mercenaries, will prevail and fight the Turkish state, and we would support SDF because we all made decision to resist and confront  these attacks.

In latest statement of the Turkish foreign minister Jawish Oglo he that they did not agree with the USA over the buffer zone and renewed his threats to occupy the north and east of Syria areas.

'All parties fight the project of democratic nation'

Jemal Haj Mensour of al-Omera clan said, " all parties fight the consept of the democratic nation,but we as the people of North and East of Syria we have fought together in one front, and we will continue the fight against the Turkish state if it launches any attack."

" in fact, Turkey wants to export its economic and internal crisis abroad and tries to achieve fake glories, he added.

The Arab people condemn the Turkish interventions

In the same context, the elder of al-Nouaim clan Yousef al-Hemed said, " we condemn the Turkish interventions in our areas and we are united in the face of the Turkish invasion."

In his turn, Delf al-Delf of Delf clan said " as we eliminated Daesh mercenaries and all the terrorist factions we will fight the Turkish state, because we are fighting with our free democratic will." 



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