Elderly man narrated his story bitterly, when fled from Afrin 

An elderly man who had fled the violations of the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries in the occupied Afrin narrated his story bitterly, about the attacks' details on his homes, property and olive fields, and said It is difficult and painful to be on your ancestral land and in front of your door and you cannot enter it."

Elderly Abdurrahman Shiekho, who is at 66 years, from the village of Efraza belonging to Mobata district of Afrin canton. With the occupation of Turkey and its mercenaries to Afrin canton, he was unable to leave, abandon his property and move away from his hometown. He sent his children and his wife to al-Shahba canton and remained alone in the village

He spoke on the details of the violations and abuses of the Turkish occupation since the first days of the occupation of the area, saying: " five armed men had attacked me they are carrying arms and accused me of trivial charges in order to loot my money, and when I told them that the accusations are false they raised the gun in my face and threatened me, and asked me $ 200, I have only 8 thousand Syrian pounds, so I gave them to leave me alone. "

He said that on another day of occupation and violations and after frequent raids from time to time to his house, the mercenaries forced him to displace from his home to accommodate a mercenary family from Deir-ez-Zor city, who were residing al-Bab city, and he has been staying since 6 months in the mountains and valleys of Afrin canton without shelter.

Sheikho said that Turkey, while issuing Turkish IDs and forced the people in Afrin to carry it, Turkey's gangs threatened to those who refuse, and that late at night they fire indiscriminately across the canton, terrorizing civilians, roaming the canton and stealing civilian properties.



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