Elder of al-Buamira caln: we reject occupation wall

The member of al-Jebor Clan Council and the spokesman of al-Buamira clan of al-Shadadi rejected the constructing of the separation wall in Afrin and said that the internal differences can be solved by the Syrian-Syrian dialogue without mediation or external intervention. 

Turkey has strived to annex the border strip from the Syrian north to the Turkish territory through its agendas in the area that represented By Daesh and so-called "Euphrates Shield" mercenaries who were subjected to courses in the territory of Turkey to fight and instigate strife among the components of the North of Syria.

Turkey's efforts failed in the face of SDF in order to advance towards the Syrian border despite the preoccupation of the forces to liberate the northern Syrian territories from the abomination of terrorism. However, the Turkish occupation, through international silence and the mobilization of all mercenaries, occupied Afrin, abandoned its inhabitants and robbed their homes and livelihoods.

In this regard ANHA agency conducted an interview with the member of al-Jebor Clan Council and the spokesman of al-Buamira clan of al-Shadadi Sewadi al-Abdullah who asserted at the beginning of his speech that the main goal of building such wall around Afrin is to annex it to the Turkish states and loot its goods and make the demographic change.

He said that the components of the region must unite the ranks to liberate Afrin and demolish the occupation wall by the support of SDF which defeated the most dangerous organization in the world adding in this way we can prevent the Turkish occupation to advance toward the rest of the Syrian lands in Syria in general and the north of Syria especially.

Abdullah pointed out that the Syrian regime must its responsibilities toward what is happening in Afrin before the eye of every world because Afrin is a Syrian land noting that Turkey tries to repeat the Iskenderun model by its policy in Afrin.

Abdullah concluded by saying, " we reject categorically the intervention of the external states in Syrian lands and the problems can be solved by the Syrian –Syrian dialogue without mediation. 



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