Egyptians abroad vote in referendum on constitutional amendments

Egyptians abroad began arriving at polling stations in their countries of residence to vote in the referendum on constitutional amendments, which will begin for Egyptians abroad from Friday until Sunday.

The National Electoral Body, headed by Chancellor Lashin Ibrahim, called on voters to vote on the constitutional amendments on Friday, Saturday, Sunday, 19 and 20 April for Egyptians abroad, and Saturday, Sunday, Monday, April 20, 21 and 22 for Egyptians at home.

Egyptians living outside their country began to vote in the general referendum on constitutional amendments in Egypt.

On Tuesday, the Egyptian parliament approved a constitutional majority that would extend the presidential term to six years instead of four, and set up a Senate in parliament and define the role of the army in the country.

Earlier on Thursday, Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ahmed Hafez said preparations for the reception of Egyptian expatriates were taking place at polling stations in Cairo's embassies in 124 countries around the world to participate in the vote on the constitutional amendments.

Hafez confirmed that Foreign Minister Sameh Shukri had completed all preparations to the fullest extent. "140 polling stations have been established abroad in 124 countries where the Egyptian missions are present," he said.




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