Egyptian Security: 15 mercenaries killed northeast of Egypt

Egyptian security forces killed 15 mercenaries involved in previous hostilities operations in the northeastern city of El-Arish.

The Egyptian Interior Ministry announced that the mercenaries were killed during a security raid on a hamlet they were hiding in El-Arish, north of Sinai.

The statement issued by the Ministry of Interior noted "within the continued efforts in the field of pursuing terrorist elements in the north Sinai the involvement of the mercenaries fixed in the implementation of a host of operations targeting the armed forces and the police, and seeks to escalate its plans to destabilize security and undermine the capabilities of the homeland, the national security sector obtained information about a hiding group of terrorist elements in one of the hamlets located in the neighborhood of Al-Hoss (Al-Obour area), the police station of Awal Al-Arish to prepare for the implementation of their aggressive plans.

The statement added, "This information was dealt with and targeted the scope of the concentration of these elements, but when they sensed the approach of the troops, they fired shots at them, and after clashes, 15 elements of these terrorists were killed )

The operation comes two days after the Egyptian Defense Ministry announced that security forces had killed 118 mercenaries in northern and central Sinai during the last period."


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