Egyptian jurist demands to take tangible actions for accountability Turkey of using chemical weapons   

The Egyptian jurist, Dr. Dina al-Moqaddam, stressed the need to take concrete action to hold the Turkish fascist state accountable for the crime of using the chemical weapon against the Kurdish people.

The reaction of Arab politicians, academics and intellectuals towards the Turkish occupying state continued; using chemical weapons against Guerrilla forces.

70 political, academic, intellectual and media figures from various Arab countries and the world demanded international and Arab public opinion and democratic forces; show solidarity with Guerrilla resistance; supporting the demand for the cessation of Turkish occupying state attacks; and its immediate use of chemical weapons against Guerrilla.

In this context, the Egyptian human rights activist, Dr. Dina al-Moqaddam, described the President of the Turkish occupation state, Recep Tayyip Erdogan, as being "afflicted with Hitler's sadistic genes."

Dina, spoke to ANHA’s agency, said: "Erdogan enjoys the dismantling of peoples, the destruction of States believing that; He will thus become leader.”

She noted that” The president of the Turkish state has a dream and no tools to implement it, nor the talent of administration and leadership, Erdogan dreams of establishing the State of the Great Caliphate by sponsoring and embracing terrorism and terrorists while calling for tolerance and launching religious slogans."

Dina asserted that "Erdogan has committed his crimes against Kurds and his use of the chemical weapon; breaches the first international agreement; The 1925 Geneva Protocol prohibiting the use of asphyxiating, toxic or similar gases ".

Dina demanded that "the international community act immediately against Erdogan's crimes and inhumane acts against the Kurdish people", denouncing the "international silence against the massacres of Kurds."

"Isn't Kurds human beings, they have rights, they deserve to be defended and to stop killing them in such a horrible way?" Emphasizing "the need for international conferences and meetings; to stop Turkish practices and expose their crimes to the world.”

She continued: "How does the Turkish regime deny the existence of Kurds and kill them and even exterminate them? Is it not punishable and does not the international community take a clear position on these crimes? as such; violation in the international community's system and the politicization of its principles and laws

"In accordance with international law, sanctions must be imposed on the Turkish occupying state; by using proscribed weapons, where the use of chemical weapons has been prohibited by international law since 1899 under The Hague Convention, namely article 23 of the Convention, which provides for the prohibition of the use of poisoned weapons in general.”



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