Egyptian fighter jet falls down , commander is dead

An Egyptian fighter jet fell down in  an area for the air force training  on Tuesday, killing its commander. The army is working to determine the cause of its crash.

The spokesperson of the Egyptian army, Ahmed Al Rifai said in a brief statement that the fighter jet crashed in an area for the air force training causing the death of its commander. He said the work is going on for determining the cause of the fighter jet fall.

The Egyptian military has conducted a number of training maneuvers recently, including "Qadir 2020", with the participation of the  ground forces and  the air defense.

 The Egyptian navy recently carried out an amphibious operation in one of the Mediterranean regions, amid the escalation witnessed in the region following Ankara's decision to send troops to the neighboring country Libya to support the Accord Government and the demarcation of the maritime border between the two countries.

The escalation level in the East of the Mediterranean region rose following Ankara's decision to send troops to Libya to support the government of the National Accord headed by Fayez al-Sarraj.

Ankara and al-Sarraj government agreed on demarcating their maritime borders, a decision that drew criticism from Egypt, Greece and Cyprus.

Following the approval of the Turkish parliament on the dispatch of troops to Libya, the neighboring Egypt is concerned because it is on a  strategic disagreement with Ankara not only in relation to the Libyan affairs but also in a number of special files in the region, including exploration in the Mediterranean.

The Source: Agencies.


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