Egypt: Erdogan is patron of terrorism in the region

Egypt on Tuesday formally responded to Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's comments on the death of former Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, accusing him of sponsoring terrorism in the region.

 The Egyptian Foreign Ministry commented on statements made by Erdogan during a recent event in New York and during his speech to the UN General Assembly, on the death of former President Mohamed Morsi: "These are false and false statements, manifested by the prosecution to defend the values of justice, and the inner feelings of hatred and resentment towards Egypt and its people, which respectful of the Turkish people."

Egyptian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ahmed Hafez expressed his surprise at Erdogan's determination to continue his claim, alluding "It is ironic that these allegations come from someone like Erdogan, given his sponsorship of terrorism in the region, Moreover, his regime is committing gross violations against the friendly Turkish people, trying to make him hostage to false freedom and alleged justice.

 “He also considered that the recent statements of the Turkish President “are merely a desperate attempt to dismiss the deterioration of the status of his regime, and the successive losses suffered both at the party level and on the Turkish internal scene and the international arena. "

 “The following facts are proof of the absurdity of Erdogan's talk about justice,” he said. It is no longer a secret to anyone's actions, estimates of crimes committed by Erdogan and his regime indicate that:

First, there are more than 75,000 political and military detainees in Turkey, which justify the significant expansion of the regime in the establishment of dozens of new prisons recently.

Second: dozens of deaths among prisoners as a result of suspicious conditions, torture or illness resulting from poor conditions in Turkish prisons.

Third: More than 130,000 employees were arbitrarily dismissed from their government jobs

Fourth: Confiscation of more than 3,000 universities, schools and educational institutions with the dismissal of thousands of academics

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry confirmed that Erdogan's regime imprisoned and imprisoned hundreds of journalists and media workers. Turkey has become the world's most imprisoned country for journalists and media workers according to several international reports. It also caused tens of thousands of Turkish citizens to flee abroad as a result of the crackdowns in the country.

Sponsoring terrorism

In addition, the Foreign Ministry reminded of what it called "the suspicious role of Erdogan in supporting and sponsoring terrorism in the region, which is evident to all by embracing the terrorist Brotherhood and its elements in Turkey, and providing political support and media platforms to its terrorist elements in order to continue to promote their subversive ideas in Egypt and the region as a whole."

It also considered that "the Turkish president continues to sponsor terrorism in Syria, which resulted in a prolonged conflict that has claimed hundreds of thousands of Syrian people, and deliberately targeted the Kurds with repression, killing and genocide, which falls within the ranks of crimes against humanity that require accountability and must not be neglected throughout time, as well as facilitating and supporting the passage of terrorist elements and foreign fighters into the region, Europe, Africa and Asia to destabilize them, promote and spread extremist ideology, and use terrorism in an attempt to achieve its false aims and dreams of expansion, influence and control beyond its borders."

the Foreign Ministry spokesman added that Egypt has always condemned the Turkish president's continued complicity with countries that support terrorism and extremist ideology in interfering in the internal affairs of a number of countries in the region in order to threaten their internal stability and desperately seek to dominate and influence them.

"Such a course, which Erdogan continues to follow, only demonstrates the inability to hide the feelings of hatred towards Egypt and its continued progress," the foreign ministry spokesman concluded. His insistence on continuing his attempts to spread devastation and destruction in the region, denouncing the inauguration of the Turkish president himself as a defender of the values of freedom and justice, and in fact only defends his extremist ideology and the likes of terrorists.

It is noteworthy that Erdogan was speaking on Tuesday during his talk at the United Nations to the death of Morsi, considering it a "bleeding wound." He also pledged during a speech at an Islamic forum in New York to continue the investigation into his death.



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