Efforts to form coordination for women's offices in al-Raqqa Education

The Women's Office for Education in the city of al-Raqqa seeks to form the committee's coordination in the rural areas of the city, after having managed within a year and a half to raise awareness and receive a large number of students and teachers.

The Women's Office faced many difficulties over a year and a half, the most notably are the reactionary ideas which had been planted by Daesh mercenaries in the minds of the peoples during their domination of al-Raqqa city.

However, the Office has managed to overcome these obstacles, as it continues to work on the development of women through the opening of intellectual courses which are still going on till now, and more than 2,000 teachers form al-Raqqa city and its countryside have joined these courses.

The office has also opened literacy courses for older women who were deprived of learning the reading and writing as the office opened more than 10 courses for them in the city and its countryside.

In this regard, the co-chair of the Education Mayyada al-Shiekh said, "After a seven-year suspension of education, we faced many problems, especially for women, but we have done our role to help them overcoming the obstacles face them."

Mayyada pointed out that women worked at full capacity and a large role to ensure the success of the educational process so that the proportion of women working in the field of education reached to more than 75%.

As for the future work and plans, Mayyada said that they are looking to follow up the affairs of the young women who have not been able to attend school during the past year. They will also work to form coordination in the rural areas of the city of al-Raqqa to develop the process of study.

"We are seeking with our full potential to make efforts towards women, even to establish a free and moral society," she said.



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